Wednesday, January 22, 2014


(Photo courtesy of Tamara) 

I'm super aware of how fast time is flying lately.  I think my sentimental heart started beating twice as fast at Big Chick's high school orientation meeting the other night.  I knew it was coming...high school.  But for some reason it still felt years away.  I'm living in denial people.  It's this Fall!  And then the countdown starts.  Several people on IG told me...don't blink.  Once they hit high school it's o.v.e.r. in the flash of an instant.  Well crap!  Seriously I don't need to hear that stuff...I KNOW!!!

Is it weird to be in a state of empty nest syndrome years before it happens??  I know I don't have the grace for that day yet, so why am I freaking about it now?  Live today!  Focus on the NOW.  BE PRESENT...dangit!!!  I keep telling myself that, but all of a sudden every second matters.  Shoot I shouldn't even be on this computer right now.  What a time zap;)

Okay so enough of that I'm getting all choked up.  I was thinking about my word for the year recently.  It's been on my heart.  Oh the pressure;)  But seriously I do usually have some sort of revelation word.  Something I felt came from the Lord just for me.  And this year it literally popped off the wall at me when we were down in Florida.  It was in a Nike campaign sentence.  And the word was DARE.  I kept staring at it.  With laser like focus that's all I could see d.a.r.e.  Well what's that about Lord?!  Are you daring me?  What's that mean??


: to have enough courage or confidence to do something : to not be too afraid to do something

: to do (something that is difficult or that people are usually afraid to do)

: to tell (someone) to do something especially as a way of showing courage

I think for me it means:
dare to believe 100% that I've got you covered.
dare to do what I've called you to do.
dare to believe it's all going to work out.
dare to be BOLD.
dare to live LARGE.
dare to go out on that limb.
dare to DO IT AFRAID.
dare to be YOU Becky...because there is only one you!
dare to be brave and fearless and don't look down cause I AM YOUR SAFETY NET.

This past year has been a whole lot of question marks...honey's job situation, the growing pains of my business, different dreams I've wanted to see come to pass, the girls and their constant changing needs.  It's always going to be this way.  Whether there is a steady stream of reassurance and affirmation or if it's crickets...we are going to have to dare to trust.  Dare to boldly believe that it will work out.  Because the future is his.  He holds it and all my peeps in the palm of his hands and that's just fine with me.  I don't want to be in charge.  His timing is ultimately perfect.  I'm putting on this new title.  I'm living with reckless abandon...unafraid.  I'm daring!  Yep that's me;)

*pictures from Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens and our first snow day;)

Have a blessed day.

 my honey/IT how he helps me!
 a whole day alone with my girls! bliss:))
 the project from you know where is complete.  13 ft floating door to come soon.
i finally opened the BIG CARTEL shop.  find my prints there;)

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