Monday, May 20, 2013

living in the extraordinary


Okay friends this is the last of them.  I'm wrapping it up...sob!  I've got to get my San Fran thoughts down or they'll be gone forever. 

So I'm left handed.  You need to know this about me, because it has a lot to do with my personality.  I'm a right brain thinker.  I'm adventurous.  I'm creative.  There's really not much I wouldn't like to see or explore.  I'm artsy, empathic, very in touch with my emotions...I see the BIG picture...I pursue transcendence (according to the internet).  What is transcendence you may ask??  Free dictionary defines it as Being above and independent of the material universe. Used of the Deity. Whoa I like that.  That's what I want...transcendence.  I want to be used of the Deity;)

Our pastor is doing a series on being extraordinary.  I bring all this up because he's been talking about the differences in the right and left brain.  He's been talking about transcendence.  It's been really eye opening. I'm taking notes and I just can't write fast enough.  More on that in a minute...

Our first experiences in San Fran weren't that great.  When we first touched down we were all tired, hungry and grouchy... that's just not a recipe for anything good to happen.  I would be the first person kicked off the island on Survivor...just ask my friends.  My basic needs have to be met or else;) 

So we finally get into the city and go to a place the counter attendent at the rental car place suggested we eat. We went round and round the block trying to find parking.  Then when we did finally find a spot it was metered and we had no change.  They have a handy app for that now, but it was taking a LONG time to figure out, and meanwhile it was kind of a shady area and you get the picture.  Tension was high.  Stomachs were growling among other things.

And then the sniffing started.  Snif, snif...SNIF!!!  My little chick unfortunately got sick the second we got there.  OH MY!  I felt panicky inside.  She's sick and we're in a city, and I don't know where a doctor is and this sniffing constantly is going to drive me nuts and our trip is NOT going the way I want and waaaaaaaa....

So that was the first few hours.  In dire need of a nap we did just that.  We checked into our room,  curled up like babies and slept it off.  After our little siesta we quickly put on our comfy shoes and took off to explore the city.

Little did we know how much walking we'd actually be doing.  Our hotel was downtown by the square.  We took off thinking we'd just hop a trolley and make it down to the touristy stuff...the pier and the wharf.  We walked and walked and walked...and every time a trolley would pass it would the wrong one.

Then we stood and waited and waited for one and it seemingly would never come, so we took off walking again;)  And if you've been to San Fran you know it wasn't an easy walk.  It was STEEP hills and some serious cardio. 

But along the way we saw the crooked street and lots of pretty homes and interesting people.  We walked through parts of Chinatown.  Then not knowing how far we had left we finally hopped on the trolley...paying big bucks and then all of a sudden we were there.  It was almost comical.  Oh well.  That's the joys of vacation. You really don't know what to expect...where to go or exactly WHAT is a must see.  That's the frustrating part.

I'll tell ya right now I'm not a city girl...none of my family members are either.  We love wide open spaces...a slower pace.  BUT it was really cool to see it in person.  The old charming buildings, the bay...the BRIDGE.

I can visualize it all now and that's a cool thing.

The Wharf...lots of people watching.

Alcatraz...we didn't tour it.  Thought it would be too much for the girls.
Did I mention it was chilly? 
Pier 39 and the sea lions. 
Boudin's sourdough bread favorite thing at the Pier.

Then we hopped the trolley car back to the hotel. This was my favorite part of that day.  The city just glowed and took on a whole different look.  It was beautiful.

And then the next day the grouch cloud finally lifted and we set off to explore the Golden Gate Bridge.  And I have to tell ya it was surreal on so many levels.  We are talking giant bucket list item here:)  And just like that it was checked!!!

I literally could have stayed on the bridge all day.  The cars roaring by. The wind whipping our clothes and hair.  The vibrating of the bridge under our feet.  The view!  The realization that we were standing on something I'd seen countless times...that I'd always wanted to drive over.  It was magical.

 After we walked the bridge, we set off for Vista Point.  My girl Carissa kept me in the know and told us it was a must see and boy was she right.  It was breathtaking.

I love that the girls have had these experiences. That we've shared these bucket list things with them. It makes me happy to my toes that they want to capture every moment and photograph as much as I do;)  It's such a priceless gift to pass onto them. One that will make them view every single day differently for the rest of their lives.   

Okay so indulge me a minute, back to my pastor's message...this is life changing.  So he had some great points.  First one was that faith is birthed in God's presence.  He demonstrated this by having the worship team play background music while he was talking and then suddenly stopping.  Obviously there was such a difference in the atmosphere when we were ushering in His presence with worship.  When the music stopped it was like crickets.  We need to draw near and music is key to that.
His second point was faith goes beyond inspiration to participation. Once we are full of His presence and inspiration we need to get involved in whatever He wants for us.  And this is the kicker...these are the words that made my heart kinda flip...and I quote, "Some of you are waiting on God and God is waiting on you!" 
I feel like I've been waiting on God forever!  Show me Lord just what to to start that book, where to find those people who need me, what am I supposed to do with this next 40 years.  WHAT IF I've been waiting around and missing the TROLLEY!!  What if I need to actually get off my tail and start digging some ditches?? 
Seriously people my heart about exploded.  We apparently need to move from being inspired and feeling His presence to actual action of some sort.  And naturally my next thought is Lord WHAT IS THAT ACTION?  But shoot if I can't just keep asking that.  I need to find that thing.  Here's what my pastor suggested in finding the thing...
He said you can't do it for everyone, but you can do it for one.
What angers you?
What brings you joy?
Figure out the answers to these things and then find your purpose.
The result will be extraordinary:
You will leave a legacy if you surrender to purpose
Make a contribution
A righteous man will be remembered forever
Rise above self (prov 29:18)
Live an authentic life
Ephesians 4:1
Live a life worthy of the calling you have received.

Be a blessing.
seeing the Golden Gate
sharing these experiences with our girls
a pastor who ignites something in me
California poppies
not missing the trolley car home
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