Friday, April 5, 2013

charleston, carissa and courage


I'm sitting here trying to figure out how in the world I'm supposed to sum up the last few days.  Did that trip really happen??  It was spontaneous, a little nerve wracking, that a word?, exciting and blissful all rolled into one.

I think I was sitting in the Safe Haven movie recently when the idea came to me that Spring Break would be REALLY fun if the girls and I just took off and explored the East Coast a bit.  There's so much to do and see, and Daddy was going to be gone at work anyway.  Then it occured to me...CARISSA!  She was one of the first people that came to mind when we learned we were moving to Virginia.  She lives in Charleston...I always knew I would meet her.  No time like the present. 

So I emailed her...and basically invited myself to come stay at her house.  I do that.  Be alert;)  She always was one of my very favorite blog friends, but I'd never even heard her voice.  Hitting the enter button was a little scary, but so worth the risk.  She of course welcomed us with open arms.  Nothing like that feeling though of driving 7 hours to meet someone you've never even talked to on the phone.  Pulling up to a house you've painted;)  Stepping out and hugging a complete "almost" stranger.  Surreal to say the least.

So was walking this bridge.  It's a landmark in Charleston.  I forget it's name.  You can't miss it.  I've seen countless pics on her IG feed, so to be walking it beside her and the kiddos was a major treat.  And you know this sunset had me at HELLO!!!

She chauffeured us all over town...during SPRING BREAK.  You can imagine how many tourists were there.  And for the record she did a great job:)) 

We visited the Market.

We feasted on lunch at Jestine's and cupcakes at Sugar Bakery

We drove King Street.

We visited the Battery and White Point Gardens.  So beautiful.

We took pictures of EVERYTHING Charleston.

How can you not love this town?!!  It's gates, courtyards and gas lamps...the charm that is everywhere.  Breathtaking!  She's so lucky to live here.  Work here! 
Did I mention Carissa is a professional photographer?  How much fun did we have?  She taught me photography tips and spent one night helping me understand Lightroom.  Love her!  All these pics were edited finally on Lightroom...and then some were collaged in Picmonkey.

We had photo shoots on sidestreets...the girls snapping just as many as Carissa and I.

But as much as we loved Charleston, we loved Carissa and her family even more.  I'm so glad I boldly invited myself to stay with her:)  If I hadn't, I never would've known that we are like sisters.  No's weird how much we are alike. 
She loses her car keys...all the time.  She gets turned around...even with a gps.  She's a little spacey like me.  God love her!  She dislikes cooking. The list goes on. We kinda/sorta even look alike...although she's 13 years younger!!!!  We talk alike etc... It's creepy:)
Now she's not just Carissa from Lowercase Letters...she's our Carissa...real life friend.  How incredible is that!  There's a lot more to come...


Winners of the Jeanne Oliver Letting Go class:

Be a blessing.
serenades from her honey while she made us dinner;)


new face to face meetings with IG/blogger friends...julie yarnan
sunsets that blow me away
flowers everywhere
cobblestone streets
jestine's comfort food

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