Wednesday, March 20, 2013

in the zone

I knew this week was open.  I was going to have time to paint...yayayayay!!!!  You never know though if the inspiration will come.  Sometimes it's there.  It can be felt like the excitement of Christmas morning.  I can only describe it as magic.  For me I actually tingle a little bit;)  It's being in the zone.

We all experience it.  Maybe you feel it after you've made a beautiful meal and placed it before your family.  The table is set.  The candles are lit.  Maybe you went that extra mile and bought flowers.  Regardless of the amount of effort, you get that feeling of satisfaction.  You feel giddy with the space you've created.  The ingredients came together to form that delicious, eyes roll to the back of your head, goodness.

Maybe for others it's a clean house.  The floors are swept.  The bathrooms are sparkling.  The air smells fresh.  Or maybe it's after a hard run.  Your body is alive with endorphins. You feel spent.  Sweat and effort mingle and your body is rewarded with that perfect mix of exhaustion and exhilaration. 

Without a doubt that feeling can come for me when I sit down at my painting desk.  The brushes are in hand.  The paint is swirled...the first strokes begin the vision.  It's when an idea is formed and it's carried out to completion.

It's when I make something that I love and I don't even care if other people think it's good or not.  I know that I know that I love it.  And that is enough. 

I wish I could live in the zone.  I wish I could say that every time I sat down to paint or create that feeling came.  It doesn't.  Sometimes I start and it's just not there.  The painting looks horrendous.  The process is drudgery.  The end result is less than...  I feel insecure about showing it to anyone.  The zone didn't happen.  The grace just wasn't there. 

I know that living in a heightened stage of creativity is probably impossible, but I want to at least try to create something...anything daily.  What if there was no pressure to make a "masterpiece"??  What if it became more about fun and using my gifts?  What if I just let God lead my eye, take my hand?  Surely the magic would follow.  Surely the Master could use me to create a masterpiece...His masterpiece.  I believe that.  Whether it be a meal, a painting, or a workout etc...I want to be in His zone

**Hoping to make prints of my barn owl...and adding camera and luggage tags to my Etsy shop in May:)

Be a blessing.

birds chirping
buds blooming
sun streaming through my windows
a new spring shirt
a day with my sweet friends
a painting that made my heart pitter patter;)
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