Monday, January 14, 2013

walk with me...

There hasn't been a stirring in me to write this week.  I've felt quiet on the inside.  I'm supposed to "begin" my new thing and honestly not much has happened with it.  Fear stirs.  Will the inspiration and ability come?  I've set this time aside.  The sand is falling.  The hour glass is tipped.  Why do I always put pressure on myself?

So I took a day and went on a mini adventure with a friend to Belle Isle.  It's kind of a creepy piece of land right off downtown Richmond.   You have to walk a suspension bridge crossing the James River to get to it.  I say creepy because it used to be a prisoner of war site.  Thousands died there.  Many factories came and went over the years...ruins remain.


find the old interesting.  I think about things when I walk it's acres.  I think about the history.  About how there is a beginning and an end to everything.  How nothing stays the same...except Him of course.

I wonder about the old buildings.  How at one point they used to have purpose.  

I think about the people who died there.  I think... 

And it reminds me that life is fleeting.  That people come and go.  That nothing is permanent.  

No matter how mighty it was at one time.

 I think a lot of us stay locked into the past.  We see the broken...we see the ruins...the disappointments.  There are reminders of what was, and we can't move forward.  We're stuck!

We all have a history.  There is no one that gets by in life without pain, but do we let the old things (our old ways) keep us from moving forward??  Do we let the fear of the unknown trap us?  Do we let history repeat, or do we start that new thing, setting fear aside, and bravely take those first baby steps.

Walk with me...

Be a blessing.

951.  warm weather in Jan.
952.  a full rainbow that blessed my socks off this morning.
953.  lights in my kitchen that glow
954.  grace that covers me
955.  new beginnings

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