Tuesday, January 8, 2013


It seems that most everyone I know is in crisis mode right now.   Everywhere I look I see people, friends, family calling out for God to help them through a really tough spot.  There's hurting marriages, job problems, financial hiccups, kid issues, loneliness, infertility...loss.  It breaks my heart.  We all are waiting on something to fall into place.  Trusting for an answer to come.  Believing for a miracle.

And sometimes that answer just doesn't come.  We wait and watch, and wait and wait some more.  And we feel ourselves sink into the shadows.  They overtake us whether we want them to or not.  Has God forgotten us.  Why am I here?  Why did that go down the way it did?  Why am I still not hearing from you Lord?

It's so hard to be patient when we don't know the answers.  It's so hard to trust when we don't see the path clearly laid out before us.  When you want something so bad you can't see straight.

I was listening to a song in the car on the way home (appropriately titled shadows) and the singer said "teach me to let go".  Such simple words, but just what I needed to hear.  Really the only way to fight the shadows is to look for the light...and really the only way to look for the light is to shift your focus.

(example of answered friend Tamara)

When we lay it down...give it over and just leave it.  When we deliberately walk away and put it behind us...that's when maybe, just maybe we can step into the light a little.  We can feel joy sink into our bones.  Our eyes are opened to good things...BLESSINGS.

Because trust me as soon as this hard place is soon as this prayer is answered another will pop up into it's place.  Life is full of disappointments and trials.  There will be another one and another...

Lord help me to not miss out on anything.  Help me to see every good thing in my life for what it is...a gift.  Push me out of any shadows and bring me into the light.  

Be a blessing.

945.  progress in my studio...i will get it done TODAY.
946.  barn lights
947.  a handy honey
948.  lewis genter botanical gardens...where all the pics where taken
949.  lights that make me ooh and ahh
950.  adventures with my girls
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