Monday, January 21, 2013

hunger and a GIVE-AWAY

This is going to sound dramatic, but who cares.  When I woke up the other morning it was with bated breath!  Bated...whatever that means.  I ran to the window.  Not to see the first snow...I've seen plenty of that, but to catch a glimpse of that big hot thing called the sun.  WEEEEEEEEE!  I'm not sure I've ever went THAT long without even a glimpse.  I was starved for it people.  Starved.

It was pretty.  All the little icicles and flakes gathered here and there.  I do kinda miss it.  Kinda...  

But what made it really cool was the light.  This shot wouldn't be interesting at all if it wasn't for that gorgeous light filtering in through the trees.

Amazing how when we are starved for something our "meal" tastes unbelievable.  The sun was my meal. 

My pastor has a saying "if you're hungry you will eat".  At least I think that's how it goes.  He's referring to keeping our hunger alive for Him.  I've thought about that alot this past month while I've been fasting.  I feel hungry for Him and I'm wondering what's changed?  He's still the same as before.  I'm still the same.  I think the difference is that when I purposely decided to draw close to Him...even if I missed the ball sometimes...He made His presence known.  I can feel Him.  I can sense that He is right here with me.  I want to know more.  Share more.  BE more for Him!  That is hunger.

I've gotten some letters recently about my last post.  I see so many of you searching.  You went to Sunday school.  You grew up in the church.  You know the bible and pray occasionally.  But you are walking through life with a dead faith.  You haven't moved beyond knowledge to a relationship

When we finally see that we are sinners in need of a savior.  When we acknowledge what He did for us on that cross and decide that we NEED Him!   When we ask Him to forgive and come into our hearts...having faith like a child...

He lives in us...dwells in our spirit.  We can come to Him and lay our burdens at His feet and when you do this time and time again your faith grows.  You see how He provides, and how He has your back...even when it doesn't always go the way you want.  You see how His hand has provided and protected and guided you every step of the way.  You start talking to Him throughout the day and feeling Him right there by your side.  That is the difference between knowledge and relationship.  He loves you and you LOVE Him!  It's real.  It's tangible.  You know that you know that He's your abba daddy. 

Praying you find hunger.  Praying you get fed.  Praying so hard that you find your place at the table.  It's a good place to be!  So good!!!

The pillow she made for me.

Speaking of life and light, my friend Chrissie Grace is offering a $25 credit to her shop to one of my readers.  Go over and see all the fun playful things she is creating.  Remember that fox pillow I have?  She made it!!! You will LOVE what this girl is doing over there.  She is all sorts of talented!!  To enter just leave me a comment about one thing that made you happy recently.  I'll announce the winner Friday.

Be a blessing.

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965.  fast is over today!  More on that to come...

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