Friday, January 25, 2013

Daniel Fast results and a winner!

I'm sitting here with shaky hands.  My Daniel Fast was over as of Tuesday, and I've been reintroducing coffee.  Out of everything I cut the one thing I missed terribly was my morning coffee.  It was almost unbearable the first week because I just couldn't bring myself to drink anything cold in the morning...and then it dawned on me I could have hot water with lemon.  Duh!  That became my go to.  And as I sit here stomach a little in knots and caffeine coursing through my veins that hot water may stay my go-to.  I actually really love it.  Change can be good;)

It's weird how cautious I feel about food.  I've had 21 days to develop new clean out the garbage and rest my body.  I'm not in any big hurry to start dumping it all back in.  And as much as I missed normal food and was sick to death of eating the same thing meal after meal...I'm going to continue a lot of the same principles.  I really would like to limit dairy.  I would love to stay off bread and sugar.  I can do without these things.  I've done it and I'm amazed at how much better I feel.  I didn't have the constant cravings.  I wasn't that hungry. 

If I liked to cook and used the resources that were out there this fast would have been a piece of cake.  Unfortunately I'm LAZY with food prep.  I ate almost the exact same things for 21 days:/  We ate at certain restaurants and I ordered strictly.  It was hard.  This wasn't easy at all, but I did it.  And despite a few minor butter flavoring on my rice crackers, and some hidden sugars that I didn't know about in my restaurant food, I didn't veer. 

I weighed this morning and I've lost between 6-7 pounds.  Which is wonderful if you consider I hardly exercised.  The lack of protein wasn't doing me any favors.  I was pretty weak and didn't have much energy.  Even though I didn't start this fast as a diet I was hoping to have it kick start my weight loss.  I've been up about 15 pounds and it just wasn't coming off.  Now if I can continue to watch what goes in and add some lean protein I think I will feel great and the rest will drop. 

Spiritually I started bible and notebook in hand.  I made a prayer box and vowed to pray over it every single day.  And I did in the beginning, but as the days went on I got lazy and "forgot" to delve in.  My prayers were more arrow like.  Just fleeting and sporadic.  I'm reminded of how weak the flesh is.  How flawed and imperfect I am, but I also know that despite my shortcomings He met with me this month.  He helped me tremendously to get through this fast.  I never had headaches.  I've fasted before and the headaches were almost unbearable.  I get headaches regularly...and this time I don't remember having them.  That was some major grace. 

He also helped me get some things in my house in order.  It's a process.  There's more to go, and I haven't really begun my "project" yet, but I'm on the path.  I'm focused.  I'm willing and wanting to be used.  My heart is lined up with Him and I'm ready to see what's next. 

***Thank you so much for sharing the things that made you happy recently.  Reading good news, grateful things does a body good!  The winner of the Chrissie Grace $25 store credit is:
Amy from Blissful Blooms.  Congrats Amy:)

Be a blessing.

966.  mashed potatoes
967.  hot water with lemon
968.  tool for my shop that makes cuff making quiet
969. completing this hard thing
970.  a God that loves me despite my shortcomings

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