Tuesday, November 6, 2012

one more soul

This little boy comes with a story.  Don't they all;) 

The day I posted that I was moving to Richmond I got a letter from another blogger telling me she had just found my blog that day.  God was bringing me to her.  We were going to be friends and that was that!

God doesn't mess around.  We did become friends.  Many playdates and lunches followed where she would lay out her heart telling me her desire to be a momma again.  She has a son and two little girls, but felt there was one more soul.  I was like oh my!  Really?  One more soul??  It's funny how you kind of know you either want more or you're done.  For her she didn't feel like her family was complete yet.

Not long after our talks she got pregnant.  From the beginning the pregnancy was riddled with uncertainty and they lost the baby.  It was really hard on her.  We prayed together.  My heart broke for her.  And then she got pregnant again...

This time it went pretty smooth, but she was fearful and anxious throughout the entire pregnancy because of her previous loss.  I've never had a miscarriage, so I can only imagine the stress that would weigh on you until that little one is finally placed in your arms. 

A couple of months ago she asked me if I would come in and take pics for her in the hospital.  I was like SURE...but inside I was a nervous wreck:/  I love to take pictures.  Photography is probably my favorite hobby, but I have absolutely no plans or desires to take pictures for people.  That involves pressure.  It becomes work and I stress OUT!


So Sunday I anxiously gathered my camera and headed to the hospital.  Heart thumping.  Sweating profusely.  Praying God help me get some shots that were clear.  Lord let there be light in that hospital room;)  I pray he won't fuss.  Help me know what to do!


He was an angel.  He didn't like laying on his stomach.  He was a little cold and quivery when we took his clothes off.  I would have been too.  Then there were moments where he was completely still.  Where he just stared at me and embraced the camera snapping fury;)  It was precious.


I couldn't help but reflect that this little one...this baby Chip...was who we prayed for.  He was that one more soul Brandee knew would complete her family.  He is precious and perfect.  He is fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalms 139).  God loves him, and knows every detail...every day of his life already.  What an honor and privilege to snap his first few frames:)  Thank you Brandee for asking me.  I'm so very happy for your sweet family.

Be a blessing.
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