Friday, November 2, 2012


My stomach was in knots on Halloween for a couple of reasons.  As I was pulling out my crazy red wig I couldn't help but miss my old hood.  It was this unexpected icky pit feeling that just zinged me out of nowhere.  In Minnesota they just did it up big.  One of our neighbors pulled out all the stops and had a huge party every year.  It was so fun to see the costumes, and dress up incognito for one night.

We walked the streets with our stand in "family".  We'd peer into all the houses...letting the kids run wild and free.  We'd bundle up with long underwear, gloves, scarves...hats over our ears.  The weather was unpredictable and we could be battling wind, rain...snow.  It was adventurous and memorable.   We loved it...every minute.

This is not to say Halloween wasn't fun here.  We still dressed up.  We still made the rounds with new friends.  It just made me miss the old...

And then there was the text I got that afternoon from my big chick asking if she could trick or treat with her bestie, in her hood, without us:0  We let her go.  We didn't want to...but we did.  And it didn't help that she borrowed a wedding dress from the neighbors, and looked like a sweet innocent bride!  Be still my mother's heart.   

It just didn't feel the same without her.  Part of us was missing.  I'm not ready for that just yet.  Next year it will be different.  Next year the friend will come with us...ha! 

So that was part of my Halloween stomach ache...and then there was the text I forgot to send out to ask a neighbor girl to join us in trick or treating.  I felt so bad when I ran into her and her mom later making the rounds.  The last thing I wanted to do was leave someone out...make them feel not included or special.  Grrrrrr. 
The fact is I screw up sometimes.  I have a bad memory.  BAD!  And as much as I want to remember every little thing, I drop the ball sometimes.  Then I punish myself later.  So goes the perpetual cycle of motherhood. 

This was me as a wannabe punk rockin' Jesus Freak (in color the wig is red..and I had a fake nose ring in earlier) and my honey was a crazy mountain man...or something like that;)  The jacket is his dad's Army coat.  He wears it for sentimental reasons. 

Anyway I instagramed this pic and people thought this was us when we first started dating!!!  Someone even said his hair was probably what drew me to him;)  I about DIED laughing.  DIED!  I'll have to hunt down an early picture of us.  We were 16.  SIXTEEN!  Good times...good times...  Have a great weekend friends.

Be a blessing.

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