Thursday, November 29, 2012

all i want for Christmas...

I've kind of been at a loss for words on here lately.  There's not a whole lot of excitement going on at the moment.  I'm tucked in my studio, pounding a hammer, taking cuff pictures, listing items on Etsy...filling orders.  My head is full of Pandora Christmas music.  I'm sick of it already and it's not even December yet...yikes.  It's a busy time...everyone's busy! 

(love how she's looking at me wedding shower)

My friend just posted something though and it got me thinking about my mom.  A long time ago I told Lissa part of my story.  We all have a story, mine has been really good...very blessed.  I grew up in an old farmhouse out in the country in Central Illinois.  It was a Christian home.  My mom in particular has always had a heart for the Lord and she shared that with me when I was little.  I asked Jesus into my heart when I was 6:)  Knowing Him made me want all my friends to know Him too, so I'd bring them home for sleep overs and playdates and my momma would share Jesus with them.  We were a little team;) 

She's always just been more or less a Jesus Freak!  She will sometimes look over at me and out of the blue tell me how much she loves the Lord.  I love the Lord too...but I don't talk about it near as boldly as she does or at all for that matter.  I tend to hide behind my computer screen. 
When we are out and about I can see her scanning the room...looking for people to talk to.  This last time my folks were in town I brought her to church with me.  She left for minute to go out into the lobby, and pretty soon I needed to use the restroom, and I found her in a corner praying with someone.  That's the norm. 
She used to work in a union hall and she had her testimony typed out and would share it whenever the opportunity arose.  And trust me she was always looking for an opportunity;)  It's just part of her personality to be a soul winner.  It's in her DNA or something. 
To be honest growing up that annoyed me sometimes.  I didn't quite understand how she could love the Lord that much...or be that bold and fearless with her faith.  Wasn't she worried she would step on someone's toes?  What if they thought she was crazy...or asked her questions she couldn't answer or or or...  There are always excuses...fears that keep us from sharing.  
I want to go back to that 6 year old me that was more concerned with my little friend's soul then if they thought I was crazy.  I want to think about someone other than myself.  This life is oh so fleeting.  All the trials that phase in and out are temporary.  To have a heart that is full and overflowing with have a mouth open and ready to share His be a Jesus Freak yep that's all I want for Christmas!  
**Read Lissa's post here.  She's doing it. 
She's spreading the good news...making a difference.  So proud of her!!!!
**And there is a coupon out for cuffs over here...20% off check it out. 
Shop closes December 15th until Feb.
Have a blessed day.

895.  keeping busy with cuffs
896.  honey's home:))
897.  my uber-generous friend tamara who helped me immensely this week
898.  being sore to the bone because of jillian michaels...good sore!!!
899.  a nap under the sweetest afghan today...thank you erin
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