Tuesday, October 2, 2012

the Master planner

I'm still making my way through all those PNW vacation pictures.  Thanks for indulging me and letting me share;)  On this particular day Sasha had a whole special event planned out for us.  We were going to stroll the grounds of one of her favorite places, snapping pictures, sitting by the sea sipping sweet tea, and the grand event...kayak with seals.  Sounds picturesque doesn't it??

When we got there it took about 5 minutes for her to realize the kayak rental place was closed.  I watched disappointment spread over her face.  I get it.  She wanted to make a memory.  She wanted to give me an experience.  One with salty sea air and seals under our oars.

To be completely honest I was a tad relieved.  I love the water...looking at it.  I love hearing the surf and breathing in that air, but the thought of possibly overturning in a sea kayak with enormous seals nearby about did me in.  It would have been magical I'm sure...but quite possibly it could have been SCARRING!  Like nightmares for years scarring!  Eeeeek I say God knew.  HE KNEW and he closed the place down just for me.  Ha!

We did the next best thing and found old rusty buildings to take pictures of.

And quite honestly our detour got me thinking about friendships.  I have so many precious friends.  They live all over the map.  Sasha is one of my original blog friends.  We've moved way past that initial connection, but I'll never forget when her bubbly comments started showing up in my inbox.  Her spirit was full of life.  She had enough energy for 12 people.  She was crafty like me...loved to decorate like me...and she loved me;)  The similarities were uncanny.  Seriously sometimes it was like we shared a brain.  How can this chick who lives on the otherside of the country...whom I've never even talked to in person be

It's interesting the people God weaves into your life.  Some are weathered and true.  Some only stay for a short season, but for anyone who has let someone in close you know they inevitably leave their mark.  They become a part your being somehow...and you carry them with you always.

This picture is special to me.  We were sitting on a deck over looking a misty ocean scene and it looked like we were just gazing out into water that went on forever.  There was nothing to see...not one building and then Sash said look over there.  And at first I couldn't see anything, so I turned away and about a minute later I looked back again and it literally made me jump.  What wasn't visible before (at least I couldn't see it) turned out to be an entire city on a hill...right there.

Maybe just maybe...there is something right in front of you that you don't see.  I don't know what.  Maybe God has a detour planned...a change of course and it's ultimately for your protection.  Maybe you need to be that city on a hill and be seen.  Take what you want, but it's going to be good.  It's going to be just what you need.  Drink in His perfect peace and trust the Master planner for your day...your destiny.

Have a blessed day.
787.  being flexible to change
788.  the salty sea air
789.  making memories without grand plans
790.  friendships with strangers that become more
791.  how weathered things are even more beautiful
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