Tuesday, July 24, 2012

paradise found...flower arranging

I think y'all knew I grew up country...hence farmgirl;)  I played for hours outside as a child.  My brothers were 11 and 12 years older, and that kind of left me all to myself...which was alright.  I made up my own friends;)  "We" swang and roller skated.  "We" sang under the big tree in the front yard, and "we" played cook and explored the corn crib.  The land was my playground and my imagination had no bounds. 

I've been struggling with this desire to recapture that for my own girls.  AND for my own selfish desires of having chickens and flowers and a level yard where a pool won't collapse;)  I've been in want mode lately, so recently when my craft club met at Clara's farmhouse I have to admit I was struggling with DISCONTENTMENT.  Don't ya hate that word??  It's icky. 

Joannie and I drove up and we let out a collective gasp and a little shriek of an EEEEEEK!  It was perfect.  Her perfect green farmhouse complete with a white picket fence and HUGE yard full and overflowing with gorgeous flowers.  It's quite possible a little tear even popped out.  Geesh!

It was country all the way with boots lining the front door and fishing rods ready to grab at the spur of the moment.

There was warbled old glass panes and charm and and was lovely.

And SHE was lovely!  Meet Clara...aka flower whisperer;) 

She lovingly took us by the hand and shared all that was hers...all her floral secrets...all of her flowers!!!  It was beautiful and generous and just plain awesome. 

I now know that when you cut flowers you need to immerse them in HOT WATER immediately.  This opens up all the little pores or whatever and hydrates them.  Then after you cut the stems you need to quick dip them...into a bacterial kill.  Can't remember the name.  And then you need to add floral powder to your cool water to arrange them...this extends the lifespan. 

I have to admit I was obnoxious that night.  As soon as I got there I was almost in a panic to capture pictures.  It's like I couldn't snap enough.  I wore these crazy hot Hunter's cause they were cute.  My legs were sweating like CRAZY!  It was HOT...we're talking mid-90's and air THICK with humidity.  And there I am in my ridiculous boots...traipsing through her garden. 

But can you blame me for going a little nuts??  It was eye candy everywhere.  Big bold blooms and butterflies fluttering around.  And this is what she does for a!


Despite my inner voice YELLING at me that this is what I want...right now...I know I'm where I'm at for a reason.  Not sure if I'll ever have the farmhouse or the chickens, but regardless my life is pretty full and blooming even without them. 


me artsy at farmgirl paints

Okay I think I might make this my first me artsy post...because arranging flowers is an art form.  It really is.  If you want to link up, grab my super cute new button...thank you Carissa Graham...and play along.  It does NOT have to be flower arranging.  You can be artsy any ol' way you choose.  If you want more information on arranging flowers one of my favorite HGTV designers just did an awesome post last week.  Check it out here.

Have a blessed day.

673. sitting in a tree swing...with my awesome flower arrangement;)

674.  stumbling onto a sunflower patch...more pics to come

675.  freckles!!!! 
676.  joannie
678.  sweet neighbor girls

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