Monday, July 2, 2012

flying lessons

Every time I fly I have a little routine I follow.  It starts with the entrance.  Before I even step foot onto the plane I touch the outside metal and pray that God will protect us.  That no harm will come to us.  I pray that the plane will be sound.  That the pilot will be alert and know what he's doing.  I just cover it.

Once we start moving I start praying over and over again...LORD JESUS KEEP US SAFE.  Give us an easy take off.  Protect us!!!  It sounds like I'm scared to death, but I'm really not.  I just have this thing I do, this routine.  It comforts me I guess.  Apparently I feel that pleading with God fervently will make it come to pass.  Praying over the plane will keep us from crashing;) 

Once the take off is over I almost forget that I'm flying 30,000 feet in the air and my body starts to relax.  I'm in complete trust mode.  Not just because I've prayed and I'm that trusting, but because I'm distracted by the beauty surrounding me.

I'm in complete and utter awe at His masterpiece, of those breathtaking clouds and that sun that is sometimes hidden until you reach just the right height.  It's impossible to look at creation and not marvel at the Creator. 

And in this procross my hands are completely off the wheel. I'm at someone else's mercy and if anything it's a reminder for me to let go. To not hold on so tight. To have faith like a little child and sit back and enjoy the ride. 

If flying can remind me of these things, it's worth wading through security, waiting in long slow lines and babies crying for hours.  It's worth the headache...for just a glimpse of who He is and what He is to me.

Have a blessed day. 

645.  reuniting...the best part of traveling
646.  air conditioning
647.  power returned after a storm

648.  friends to make playing inside fun
649.  golden time to make some new cuffs for the shop;)
650.  praise report that my sister in law and family are safe in CO and that it's not quite as bad as it was.  KEEP PRAYING FOR RAIN!

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