Sunday, July 29, 2012

boxing with lady ocean

We were driving home last night from the beach and I told honey I literally feel beat up by the ocean.  I'm going to refer to that big beautiful expanse as a "she".  She seemed to be in a mood yesterday.  Deceptive to say the least.  No waves to be seen, just calm and THEN BAM!  Slam!!  No thank ya ma'am.  I got walloped I don't know how many times.  And I don't do it gracefully like some.  I have my top about yanked off.  My cute little bandanna rips away.  I swallow half the salty surf and come up gasping for breath.

My little chick got smacked around too.  Literally!  It looked like she was spanked on the bottom.  HARD!  Shame on her...that moody ocean.  She taught us a lesson.  Tried to beat us down.  And for my little who all of a sudden has been struggling with seeds of fear...that was all it took for her to get the sad face and to pout for part of the day:(

Fear is an interesting thing.  All it takes is one bad scary event to shift what used to be fun...what used to be exciting into something we never want to do again.


What seemed unappealing for us was just the opposite for my big chick.  She seemed to thrive with the big waves...egging them on.  Come and get me she seemed to say:)  Instead of getting pulled under by the waves she went into them face forward...diving into their scary powerful pull.  I marvel at my first born.  At her bravery with life.  I marvel at her eye for beauty and her upbeat attitude.  Her, in all of her 12 years of life, seemingly full of knowledge and wisdom.  How can a child make me want to be a better person?  How can someone so young teach me so much?? 

We didn't let "her" win yesterday.  We got back in.  We braved those waves.  We had FUN!  Ultimately we faced those fears and didn't let them keep us down.  A lesson was taught...a pep talk was had:)  It was a good day boxing with lady ocean!!

Oh and by the honey had his own boxing match.  It wasn't with lady was with bad drivers!  Talk about some road rage.  We need to sign daddy up for anger management courses!!  The beach may be relaxing, but getting to and from not so much;) 

Have a blessed day.

685. lady ocean...nasty or not...we love you!
686.  time observing my girls
687.  pep talks and attitudes changed
688. rainbow colored umbrellas
689.  people God made us all big and small:)

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