Monday, June 4, 2012

filter free and a father's day give-away:)

I switched up gyms recently.  Best move I ever made.  For some reason I hated my other gym.  There really wasn't anything I can pinpoint, but I never wanted to go.  At this gym I can't wait to grab my tennies and get out the door, and it's cheap.  Like practically free cheap...$10 a month cheap!!

I've become a little addicted.  I get that high.  You know the high that comes from pushing your body and feeling it respond.  The gym is hot and normally I can't stand that, but here I like it.  I'm drenched in sweat when I'm done, and I feel completely spent.  It's an awesome feeling.

One of my favorite things about my new gym is the eclectic mix of people.  You've got the buff bodybuilders, the older grandmas and grandpas.  We've even got the middle aged deer hunters, decked out in camouflage and jeans.  Then there is the dude with dreadlocks down to his waist that piles it all on top of his head with a pair of pantyhose.  It balances like a giant egg.

sorry for the blur...she was moving fast;)

BUT the one I look for is THIS lady (i know shame on me for taking this pic at the gym...major no-no).  She's always on the same treadmill, and I get as close as possible to her because she makes me smile down to my toes.  She skip runs on her tiptoes with her hands flying in the air.  She looks crazy ridiculous...every one stares...but I adore her.  She doesn't give a flip what anyone thinks.  She's there having fun.  Listening to her tunes.  Thoroughly enjoying her workout. 

I need to go up to her and thank her for making me smile, but I keep chickening out.  I should tell her that she makes my day...that I love her spunk...her lack of filters.  We do that don't we?  Filter.  I don't know how many times I've stopped myself from singing out loud.  I guess we need filters .  I don't want to bring attention to myself or invade anyone's space, but when it comes to JOY, when it comes to having fun...wouldn't it be great to be filter free?  To let it all hang out. To run Phoebe style;)?? 

I'm on the hunt for some new workout tunes myself.  I listen to the same songs every time.  It's amazing how changing it up can improve your stamina.  I'd love some suggestions. The give-away is going to the person who gives me a heart thumpin'...kickin' it music playlist.  OR...if you absolutely do not have any workout music suggestions leave me a comment about your dad or honey.  What is the quirkiest thing they do? My honey has to check the door knobs several times to make sure the door's locked. My dad cleans his plate to look like it just came out of the dishwasher;) Quirky!! 

The winner will get a custom cuff for their dad or honey for Father's day!  Yep it's that time, and I DO make cuffs for men.  So bring it girls.  Oh and I don't care if it's country, christian, pop or rap...if it makes me wanna run I'll love it!!  I'll announce the winner on Friday. 

Have a blessed day.


610.  my proud of her.  6 chosen out of over 600...recognized for honesty, accountability, respect and responsibility.  woot woot!!
611.  soccer is almost over
612.  that i get to be WITH my dad this year on father's day
613.  lunch with big chick today
614.  homemade Popsicles
615.  pool time with friends    

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