Sunday, May 13, 2012

passing the baton

From the moment my first born was placed in my arms it was like a whoosh!  Every emotion that you can possibly feel dumped on me all at once.  You know a what in the world just happened, I'm a mother, holy cow sort of feeling. Nothing can prepare you for that.  It's lightning bolt worthy and for me it was beyond surreal.  With every experience and every little step in growing there has a been a milestone.  First tooth...major.  Potty trained...hallelujah.  First day of school...sad and displaced etc...  But there was one rite of passage that I've been waiting for.  Wondering when that day would finally happen and it did on vacay.  Yep my baby moved on into "womanhood". 

It was like time stopped for a split second. Even though you know it's coming, you see the changes...mood swings, cravings, obvious maturity it still knocked me off my axis for a split second and it took me back.  I could remember that day in my own life like it was yesterday.  And as I prayed with her and we acclimated there was this page turning sensation, and a feeling I can only describe as a passing of the baton.

That's what we do as mother's.  We cradle their hands.  We watch them navigate the exact same things we went through.  We pray hard.  We hold our breath, and exhale a sigh of relief when they succeed...and ultimately we pass the baton.  When I think of Mother's day and all that it means to me this is the crowning jewel.  This is what we get to impart.  And it's priceless.

The last night of vacation honey and I clung to each other in bed and cried.  We do that sometimes.  Something about vacation and the collection of all those memories makes us both sentimental.   It's not lost on us that in a few short years they will be gone.  Making their own way...passing the baton with their own children.  Then I guess we get to experience the whoosh feeling of grand babies.  I kinda love the thought of that.  It's all page at a time;)

Happy Mother's Day!

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