Tuesday, February 14, 2012

woulda, shoulda, coulda

I have a Mulan hangover.  It's like a bad dream replaying over and over in my mind.  Not that Mulan was bad, but the songs are unfortunately forever engraved in my mind.  It's haunting actually.  I was trying to go to sleep last night and all I could hear were children's voices singing "written in stone" in harmony.  Since I couldn't sleep I added up how many hours I spent at big chick's school last week...35 hours!  YES I SPENT 35 HOURS at night and on the weekend.  35 hours where I wasn't at home with my honey or my other child.  As magical as this play has been I'm really looking forward to it being over!  'Nough said;)

I had big plans on doing something fabulous for Valentine's day.  You know make something special...something homemade with love.  Didn't happen.  Life happened instead and that's okay.  My people know they are loved.  A store bought love note will have to do. 

**If I would have had extra time, I might have whipped these up.

**Or made these cute little heart banners....somethin'...anything!

Or really outdone myself and made homemade Valentine's for little chick's entire 2nd grade class;)BUT WHO AM I KIDDING??!!  I probably wouldn't have done any of that.  The problem with Pinterest...and don't get me wrong...I adore Pinterest.  It's that sometimes it makes me feel like a complete and utter slug!  It's just a little overwhelming seeing all that creativity in one place, meanwhile I'm siting in my pj's, sipping coffee...dreaming the day away.

Well I'm not sure if it's the Mulan hangover, burnout or just the winter blah's, but I'm pretty okay with just being right now.  I'm not feeling overly inspired lately, but with that said...I'm actually partaking in a wonderful new thing.  This is going to sound ridiculous after what I just shared, but I'm going to be submitting posts for another blog about...

wait for it...


I'll be one of 27 contributors to a new blog called Beautifully Rooted.


It's a daily gathering place, with lots of gifted women all sharing tidbits of their life, with the Lord as the common thread.  I just couldn't say no.  I mean initially I wanted to, but I really felt God told me to get off my lazy rear and move forward with what He's given me.  I'm praying this new blog venture will help me continue to tap into those gifts, and to share it with others who are struggling to get their creative juices flowing as well.  Anyhoo it should be great.  I'm super excited.  I'll be posting something "creative" every two weeks...starting next Friday, but today is the first day to check it out.   

Happy Valentine's Day friends.
  Won't you be mine??

413.  a steamy hot bath
414.  tulips and roses from my thoughtful honey
415.  God nudging me to get out of my comfort zone 
416.  having new opportunities come my way
417.  staying home

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