Wednesday, February 8, 2012

the role of a lifetime

This is my girl.  My first born.  The love of my life.  The one who made me a momma.  It took me a solid year after she was born to really grasp that truth.  It seemed too good to be true.  I still felt like a child inside and yet I got to wear the role of!  Well today my baby turns 12.

When we moved here I remember the little worm of worry in the back of mind. Would she have friends by the time her birthday rolled around?  Would she still be texting and calling her old friends instead of moving on and making new ones?  Would she still be confiding in me about how hard it is not having a bestie here?

Funny how when you just let go that God fills in the holes.  All the little crevices and cracks are, one by one, being filled in.  My Big Chick is thriving.  She's finding her groove here.  It's tech week for her CYT Mulan play.  Every single night this week she has rehearsals.  I miss her.  We plan on making the most of our hour with her tonight.  We'll fill her room to overflowing with balloons.  Cupcakes are on the menu.  We'll grab Little Chick from school, so she can be with her before she leaves.  We'll be waiting in her room ready to surprise her when she gets off the bus. Can't wait to see her face.  Can't wait to see her feel loved.  This being a mom role is still'd think after 12 years it would be more real.  How is it possible that I'm still pinching myself after all this time;)

Have a blessed day.

423.  being a mom
424.  having a 12 year old
425.  cupcakes and shiny balloons
426.  helium and giggles
427.  remembering those first moments that changed my life

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