Wednesday, February 29, 2012

our happy place

There is something about the morning light filtering into our home.  My living room becomes brushed with soft shadows and a certain sense of joy fills my soul at a new day...a sun filled blank canvas. 

The windows have been bare so long I really just got used to them.  I didn't have grand plans to dress them.  I was a little afraid actually to block any light.  I'm a light girl.  I desperately need it, so I was surprised at how much I fell in love with these IKEA curtains.  They warmed up the space so much.  Seriously I think IKEA needs to be paying me or something.  I'm like a walking commercial lately;)

Honey loves them too.  I don't know how many times he commented on them.  Love it when that happens.  Usually I'm talking him into things...didn't have to this time;)   I thought the fuzzy polka dots might be too much.  So wrong!

While I was editing I found some more sweet moments from my parent's visit.  Here's mom giving dad an impromptu haircut in the yard.  Remember we are just country folk.  The neighbors just have to get used to it;)

Little Chick loves a good game of UNO.  She rocks it too.  Competitive little thing!


Every day mom called home to leave a message FOR THE CAT!  It was's an excerpt...Molly it's momma.  I just want you to know we'll be home in a few days.  Make sure to eat your food and drink your water, and when Jim comes over to take care of you come out and say hi.  Don't hide.  I don't want to worry about you.  We love you Molly.  Sam and Kaley (the dogs) do too.  Keep the faith. 

That's my momma;)

Big Chick had to give a concert of course;)  We just signed her up for her electives next year.  Switching back to band.  We are just not pleased with the orchestra program here.  I think band will be more fun...more music...the chance to march eventually.  We are going to look into private lessons for the viola.  She's just a music lover through and through.

Candid shots of my dad coloring.  I love how whenever crayons are around they somehow find their way into his hands.  He loves to color.  Love that childlike side to him.

Story telling time with Grandma Dixie.  My mom can spin a tale.

Okay so I saw a door painted with chalkboard paint recently and swooned.  We recently took off a door and I knew just what to do with it.

Oh how I love chalkboard markers.  They work like a charm.  You can get them at Joann's.  Got the fun knob at Hobby Lobby of course.

This corner was the perfect spot...all nestled in with the polka dot lacy curtains.  We love this Bible verse.  What a great reminder to let God build the not try and do it yourself.  Oh how I need that reminder  The room is officially finished.  It's our happy place.  It feels like this house was always supposed to be ours. 

Have a happy blessed leap day;)

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