Monday, February 20, 2012

good to the last drop

Mulan is officially over!  Yippee.  Mom and dad made it in for the last weekend.  I love the effort they put into being good grandparents.  That drive is not an easy one and yet they came

I can't tell you what a blessing it was to see my girlie pursue, follow through and see a dream to fruition.  I am beyond proud of her!  It's something we did together.  It's a new chapter for us both.  Just look at those little girls staring up at Big Chick.  She got to feel famous for a second.  Love that!

Woke up this morning to our first snow.  Can't believe it waited until the end of February.  The heavy wet snow covered every little leaf and branch.  I always loved that look.  As we were coming home from the show last night the flakes were coming hard and fast.  Visibility was horrible.  If you veer off the road at all you are smack into the ditch or in a tree, so I can see why the world comes to a stop here when it snows. 

As I type this I can see it falling off the trees...melting into the earth.  As it should be!  Tomorrow it will be in the 60's...weirdest winter I've ever experienced.  If you can even call it winter.   I'll be running around with my folks this week...showing them Richmond, working on some projects, making memories with my people.  Hope you enjoy every last drop of your week too;)

Have a blessed day.

434.  beautiful...melting snow
435.  a week of company;)
436.  new curtains
437.  chicken and dumplings in my crockpot
438.  FREE TIME!

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