Thursday, February 16, 2012

good fortune

We finally got around to taking Big Chick out for her birthday dinner.  She picked PF Chang's...thank ya Jesus!  Seriously one of my favorites and we rarely get there. We called up her bestie.  Yes I said bestie and she came along.

Can I just say this girl is such an answer to prayer?  There were a few times when I felt like oh my goodness what in the world did we do to her??    Those late night cry session.  The lack of having someone to tell her secrets too.  It broke my heart.  Seriously it felt like I'd ruined her life by moving here, and then little by little a friendship grew and she confided in me that this girl was her bestie.  PRAISE GOD...a bestie!!!  And she's a complete sweetheart too...phew;)  We all need at least one right??

We had an hour to burn to get a seat for dinner, so what did we do??  We went to Anthro of course. This is only the second time I've been there since we've moved here.  Having an Anthropologie was kind of a prerequisite for moving here.  I had to know there was a well of inspiration somewhere close and thank God almighty there was. 

I hardly ever buy anything.  I'm a little cheap that way, nut there have been a few times that I've lost my mind and splurged.  I don't look back.  It's kind of a lapse in good judgement, but the uniqueness of their stuff deserves to have spot somewhere right?

Oh and then there is Restoration Hardware.  I can't walk through this store without thinking of my friend Lissa.  It just screams LISSA!  Oh the beauty of it all.  If only I had a money tree in the back yard.

You know what dawned on me as I took this picture??  I can't pass a mirror without taking a picture of myself!  What in the world is that about?  Geesh!!  Maybe it's because no one knows how to use my camera and if I didn't there would never be a picture of me on here at all.  Love the squinty face...nice;) 


Okay so good tip to know.  Tell the waiter you are STARVING and it's your daughter's birthday and they will buy you TWO appetizers and bring her dessert.  WHAT??  I know!  Seriously we left there stuffed to overflowing and for the first time EVER little chick ate Chinese food.  It was a special moment.  She even surpassed us all and used chopsticks!!!  Honey and I just looked at her in awe.  I took a picture, because it was picture worthy, but it's so dang dark in there it didn't turn out.

So this was my fortune.  I thought it appropriate...cause I have lots of dreams from my youth.  Don't we all?  And some adult a new friend for my girlie and that my little one would eat with us at PF Chang's.  Wowza if dreams don't really come true:)

Have a blessed day.

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