Saturday, February 25, 2012

final touches

I'm sitting here hiccuping like crazy.  I hate the hiccups.  Drank some seltzer water and there you go...hiccups  Oh well.  Editing these photos made me a little melancholy.  My folks left early this morning.  I never get used to the goodbyes.  Never.

This picture was taken on one of our fun outting days antiquing.  Got dad wrangled into one of my mirror shots.  Notice his sweet hand on my back.  Had to black and white this one out because my hair looks like straw.  Have I mentioned how much I'm hatin' on my hair right now?  Anyhoo I get it fixed Monday and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this is the one.  That this will be the evasive magical hair lady who gets it right.  It's almost like looking for a pot of gold under a rainbow...does it exist??

The fun thing about antiquing is the back story on every piece that you find.  These photos were taken in a pool hall.  Mom, dad and I decided to go fancy;)  We were starving, so we found the closest place we could find.  It promised the best food in town written in marker on the it had to be good right??  The food didn't disappoint, but I've never felt more creeped out in my life.  From the second I walked in the door an icky, wouldn't want to meet him in an alley man had eyes on me.  You know the head to toe check out, but this wasn't the flattering kind.  This was the make your skin crawl, fearful kind.  Couldn't wait to get out of matter how good the chocolate cake was.

Okay so here was my find of the day.  When I go antiquing it's always with a certain thing in mind.  This time it was for a shoe dresser.  We've been throwing our shoes in a basket by our door and it was not working out so well.  Shoes were always sprawled out all over the floor.  Hated that messy cluttered look.  It was time to find some organization.

Saw this beaut in the corner...ugly as all get out...but just the right size.  I knew she was just plain enough for me to put my special touches on.  She had to be MINE!  Her price tag was a little high however (I'm finding that must be an East Coast thing), and I was holding my breath while the sales guy made a call.  In the end I got her for a very respectable price.  It always pays to ask if they will come down.  In my experience they usually do. 

Yesterday I had my dad rough her up for me a bit.

Mom and I added the color.  Got this paint on the discount rack for $7 at Home Depot.  Perfect color.  Knew I would use it one day.  Love me a bargain.


Once it was dry, I sanded the edges and used a little walnut stain to bring out some wood tones on the edges. 

The last step was putting on the paste and letting it dry and then buffing it out a bit.  Oh and yes those are flip flops IN FEBRUARY!  It was 79 degrees here yesterday.  What in the world?  I've never felt that ever in the middle of Winter.  Oh glorious day.

Oh and then the last last step was adding the bling.  Amazing how knobs can transform a piece of furniture.  It's my favorite thing.  Actually it's usually my first step to inspire my end result.  Hobby Lobby has the best selection and they are usually always half off. 

Here's the end result.  I got my knobs for $2 each.  Steal!!  I love how she looks parked right by that busy door.  All of our shoes fit perfectly.

My keys and change fit perfectly in the little butterfly mirror I got at HomeGoods.  Doesn't my keychain look great there??;)  I sell those in my Etsy shop by the way.  Any leather can made into a personalized keychain...just FYI.

Oh and see that sweet little vase on the top.  I got that from a friend for Christmas.  It makes me happy every time I look at it.  I had no idea when I was painting this dresser that it would match so perfectly.  Tell me that wasn't made to go right there in that special spot:)

After all that work it was time to head for dinner.  Our last meal together.  God gave us the most beautiful sky on the way home.  His creations take my breath away.  Can't wait to show you all the other projects we worked on this week.  Our home is getting all the final touches added and it feels so good.

**Oh and just in case you missed the B.Rooted post I's the link.  It didn't post until later that day.   

Have a blessed day.

444.  the perfect piece for the perfect spot
445.  transformation
446.  having helping hands
447.  a week of projects done
448.  sunsets that make me want to gasp outloud

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