Tuesday, January 24, 2012

fighting the gloom

Good morning friends.  I'm so relieved to know that most of you shared my complete horror regarding Picnik's closing.  Several of you gave me some other options...the most recommended was fotoflex.  I fiddled with it and it was simple to use, but lacked Picnik's pizazz.  I'm thinking they will surely introduce a mind blowing substitute.  We'll just have to wait and see. 


You'll be proud to know that I edited all the photos in this post with Lightroom.  I still am stumbling through it.  Takes me forever!  Not sure how to add my watermark just yet, but I'm still proud that I tried and it is doable if I just keep practicing.  Here's a helpful link to navigating your way with LR.

So this week has been GLOOMY!  Like no sun anywhere gloomy.  I was at the store yesterday and low and behold there were some TULIPS!  Just what we needed to chase away the clouds.  Is it wrong to be dreaming of Spring already??  Not that the Winter has been bad or anything, but I love color.  Bring on the greens, bring on the chirping birds...the warmth of the sun.  I guess until then tulips will just have to do;)

My little chick has been home with me this week.  She got her first cold of the season.  Poor baby!

Since we've been holed up a little bit I decided I needed to pull out the paints and get crafty.  I love foxes.  Found this gorgeous image on Pinterest and decided to try and paint this little fella.  If you haven't discovered Pinterest you really need to book it right over there and plug in.  It's inspiration overload.  It's a giant virtual pin board that you can gather inspiration from.  I just searched foxes and voila...tons of images to choose from.  If I'm ever lacking creative inspiration I know just where to go.

To see my Pinterest boards click here.

Okay so here are my first strokes.  Looks hideous right??  In the early stages everything looks awful doesn't it??  Nothing really makes's not until the final details are put into place that it resembles anything at all.  That's where patience come in.

It's kind of a weird departure from my normal stuff, but I'm trying new techniques lately.  I'm hoping to branch into prints soon.  My version looks nothing like the photograph...which is a good thing.  It's important to make things your be original.  There's no way I can pull a fox or whatever this creature looks like out of thin air, so I use a photograph, but it became mine in the end.  You should try it too.  Are you fighting some gloom...some Winter blah's??  Get your craft on  OR go buy some tulips;)

***Oh and someone suggested I switch my comments to the pop up box, versus the drop down menu and I think that might have helped.  You may want to try that if you've been having comment problems in Blogger!!***

Have a blessed day.


392.  glorious sunshine
393.  taking a nice long walk with my sweet one in JAN
394.  learning something scary and new
395.  painting something fresh and different
396.  blue mason jars and pink tulips...bliss
397.  my vit c gummy sweet for the day;)

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