Sunday, November 20, 2011

breaking dawn

I've been in my own little world lately.  Christmas orders have been pouring in...yay!  It's a good thing, but when that happens other things take a back seat.  The house suffers a bit.  We eat breakfast for dinner A LOT!  I get frazzled.  Deadlines make me crazy.  I have no idea how people work full time and still do it all.

My Honey's a fixer.  I love that about him.  If he sees I'm frustrated he rushes in and tries to take care of me.  For instance my phone has been bugging me again.  I drop calls.  It bounces back and forth between 3G and 4G and won't allow me to connect.  Cell phones and I have a sordid history.  I swear they should hire me and pay me big bucks to find all the kinks.  If a cell phone can last a month with me it's golden!  Anyway we spent part of the weekend in Best Buy...again.  Honey going to bat to get me hooked up.  Didn't work, but he tried.  Then he worked on a computer issue I was having etc...  I love feeling takin' care of.  He's really good at that.

To top it all off he was my chick flick stand in.  Usually when a new Twilight flick comes out, the girls and I hit the movies for a night out.  We go out to dinner and then hit the teenie bopper movie...lusting over Jacob's ripped abs and gushing over Bella and Edward's deep love for each other.

My Honey of course thinks it's weird...and it is;)  He really doesn't get the Twilight movie thing, but last night we sat at sweet candlelit restaurant and he feigned interest in the movie just for me.  Major brownie points girls!  Gotta say out of all those movies I like Breaking Dawn the best.  It was pretty slow in some parts, but it was really good.  I had no idea how they were going film this particular book, but they pulled it off.

Inside I'm really a 15 year old girl.  I swear the thing I got most excited about at the movie was the PREVIEW for the Hunger Games!  Have you read that series??  It's written for teenagers, just like the Twilight books.  How I got all caught up in these books is beyond me, but they are really interesting. 

This is off topic, but do you ever buy cards for yourself?  If I see a card I love I buy it...even if I don't really have someone in mind at the time.  This one just makes me laugh.  The inside says, That's why we're friends.  Hello?  I personally think it's a good thing being a weirdo.  How about you?

Have a blessed day.

247.  cafe caturra...pork panini
248.  uninterrupted conversation with my best friend
249.  saving money when honey figures things out
250.  getting spruced up for my man
251.  the excitement of my favorite holiday fast approaching

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