Wednesday, October 26, 2011

take me home

 (Big chick's first purse purchase)

My mom and dad left this morning.  I always cry.  Even though I was ready for them to go I hate saying goodbye.  Absolutely excruciating!  Add PMS to the mix, and get the drift.  Thank heavens I have my transitions class to look forward to this morning.  It's just the distraction I need.

Over the weekend we took them into Richmond.  Just so there is no confusion, I don't actually live in Richmond.  We are suburbanites and prefer to live away from a city...any city.

Everyone here always talks about Cary Street.  It's not too far from downtown and has loads of little shops and cute restaurants.  I'd eaten down there a few times, but had never done any shopping.  Can I just say I was a little disappointed?  I don't want to offend any Richmond people, but the shopping here is just not what I'm used to.  I greatly miss Minnesota's amazing shops.  Don't want to dwell on the past, but I'm grieving inside a bit over that loss.  Perhaps God is wanting to remove that unnecessary thing from my life.  It's not like I don't have everything I need.  Oh and we do have Ross, TJ Maxx, Target and Home Goods, so I've got those awesome shops.  I just miss the flea markety stuff that must just be a Midwest thing.  Oh and IKEA...the nearest one is 2 hours.  But that's okay.  Like I said I don't need anything.

I did manage to score a really cute jacket.  Have I ever told you I'm a jacket junkie??  I'm not wearing my new one in this picture.  I got the one I'm wearing on Melrose Ave. in LA.  Which come to think of it reminds me of Cary's that kind of shopping.  Kind of weird items...expensive.  Just not normal stuff. 

Okay so after Cary Street we FINALLY went to Honey's work.  We've been here 3 months now and I've never seen his office.  Not sure if he's hiding it from me for a reason or what, but I was really curious. 

It's downtown...very urban.  Loved the old buildings and elevated railroad tracks.  It's right by the James River too.  The building he's in used to be an old tobacco warehouse and now it's been refurbished into really cool office spaces and lofts. 

Uh...can you say totally cool!  I was impressed.  It was bea-uti-ful.  I loved the tall ceilings and concrete pillars.  It had such a cool lofty feel to it. 

Maybe he's not impressed because his building in Minneapolis was a huge skyscraper and he had a big office with a window.  Regardless of that it seemed very nice.  I love having a picture in my mind of where he is now.

While he was telling my dad what he does everyday...for like the millionth time...I was bored and decided we needed a photo shoot with those cool killer pillars;)

Mom wouldn't join in on the fun.  Shame on her!!!

Our drive home. 

Had to show mom and dad Monument Avenue.  Not sure which statue this is, but that street is the coolest in the city.  Gorgeous row homes...charm and history just oozes!   

(playing dominoes)

Even though Richmond is only about 30 minutes away we ended up being gone all day.  Do you guys just melt when you come home after being gone a long time??  Something about kicking off those shoes, smelling familiar, changing into my sweats and just melting onto the couch...ahhhhh.  I'm not sure how or when it happened, but I prefer to be home.  I love the comfort of my dwelling place.  I'm sure mom and dad feel the same way.  Two weeks is a long time.  Home is going to look/feel/smell so good to them;)

Have a blessed day.

186.  honey's job
187.  2 weeks well spent
188.  a place to call home
189.  a nap in my near future
190.  my class of women who will make me feel so loved today.

191.  that my dad took home a little bit of Virginia with him!

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