Tuesday, October 18, 2011

love in motion

I dreamed of painted trees and crepe paper last night.  I knew it was in my immediate future.  Today was Little Chick's official 8th birthday.  We wanted it to blow her socks off, so we've been dreaming of ways to bless her.

Not sure if you do this too, but I get a little nervous about birthdays.  I want so much for them to be meaningful.  I want my girls to feel special and loved, and for it to make this huge memory deposit in their brains forever!  No pressure or anything;)

So we decorated.


Right before the bus came we hung banners, scattered balloons and draped pink, yellow and blue crepe paper all over the house.

We were all waiting for her outside...cameras in hand.  She was crowned the "Happy Birthday" girl and had to wear her embarrassing headband!

The sweet little neighbor girls came over for a game of beat the butterfly senseless!!


Then we walked into the house and Little Chick got the biggest surprise...magic all just for her!

But it gets better!!! 

Then we made her close her eyes and we took her upstairs into her room...where momma had been very BUSY.  She begged for me to paint her room when the painters were here.  She wanted my special touches, so I promised her that I would do it up big for her birthday.  

I tossed and turned last night not really knowing what I was going to do for her.  I knew it involved a tree and some chalkboard paint, but I didn't have a picture or anything to guide me.  Despite that it totally came together.  Ribbons and banners gave it the added pops of color and whimsy.  She LOVED IT!!!

My generous neighbor friend across the street made a beautiful butterfly birthday cake for her, and as we sang Big Chick played happy birthday on her viola.  It really couldn't have been any more special.  I can't tell you what joy it brought to my heart to see her beaming and saying over and over again what a perfect day it was.   

These are the moments that as moms we shine.  These are the moments that we can step out of our boxes and go that extra mile.  It's love in motion.  It's tangible.  It's magical.  It's vital.  It's exhausting...but oh so worth it:) 

Have a blessed day.

176.  magic wonderland in my house
177.  chocolate cake and vanilla bean ice cream
178.  lunch in the school courtyard with my family
179.  a child's room full of love
180.  seeing generosity and unselfish love in my big chick

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