Monday, July 25, 2011

another door opens

It's been almost a week since we moved in.  Last week at this very moment we were stressed out of our minds.  We'd been living in a suitcase for far too long.  Dragging our tired behinds from one hotel to another...with kids and dog in tow.  We were so so ready to finally be in our new home.  Unfortunately our plans didn't happen the way we wanted and our closing got moved back a day.  It worked out.  We got in.  Just can't believe that was only a week ago.  Feels like a month has gone by.

That first night we camped out in the empty house.  We brought in food and made our beds and drifted off knowing it was just the calm before the storm.

I felt so bad for our movers.  The heat wave we've all been seeing was on full force.  They were drenched in sweat. Dripping all over the floors and walls...ick!  He's probably thinking're taking a picture of me now! 

I'm amazed at how well the girls are doing.  They are so brave.  I wish I had an ounce of the flexibility and resilience they have.  They seem to be taking everything with such stride. 


As long as they have their Barbies...all is well.  The Barbies were so important we brought them with us in the car for fear they might melt in the truck...ha!

I wish I was doing as well with the changes.  For me some of the hardest things to adjust to is the trees.  I knew this would be the case.  We are about 10-15 minutes from stuff.  All kinds of shopping and restaurants.  But those 10 or so minutes are spent driving through nothing but deep woods.  It's really weird for this farmgirl.

My new normal.


My biggest fear with the trees was a concern about light.  I NEED light!  I was so grateful to see it streaming through my windows on that first morning.  Ahhhh...okay it's gonna be okay:)

This is our new place.  It's beautiful.  There really isn't one thing about it that I don't love.  I'll show you pics as we get things situated. 

We have yet to meet our neighbors.  No one comes outside...not sure if the heat is the culprit there, but it makes me a little sad when I think about the constant barrage of playmates in our front yard.  

I did get a little excited when I took Fergie for a walk the other day.  This gal a few houses down drove up with a praise song blaring in her car.  My heart skipped a beat.  Could it be I have a sister in the hood?  Please Lord let it be:)

The most important thing we did the night before the movers came was to pray over every inch of our new dwelling place.  Maybe it was more of a plea than a prayer.   We prayed for peace and joy to fill our new home.  We prayed for angels to encamp around us.  We prayed for His presence to be felt by us and others.  We prayed against the enemy etc...  It felt good to do that like we were putting a covering and a blessing over our new home.  It made me feel safe.   That's what I want more than anything right now is to feel safe and comfortable and assured.  I know that's coming.  It's a process.  The unfamiliar will become common.  The newness will wear off.  The knot in my stomach will go away.  I know it will.  I've been through this before.  I just hate this part.

Have a blessed day.

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