Thursday, June 9, 2011

heat and hoopla

This week was full and overflowing on every level.  First of all thank you so much for your precious comments on my last post.  I am so grateful for each and every one of you.  You have no idea how your words of encouragement bless my heart.  Even my honey reads them and feels the love:)  One of the most comforting thoughts to me is knowing that when I move I can take YOU with me.  Whew!  Oh and who knew so many of you lived so close to me.  I'm really getting excited to get there and meet you:)

We had record highs for weather this week.  It actually got over 100 degrees!  That almost never happens here...except for when we are at the zoo obviously;)  UGH!  Why is it that the weather always sucks on zoo day?  Last time we went I think it was 50 and raining.

Despite the stifling heat we had fun.  My favorite part of course was the farm section.  The zoo here is awesome and has a real working farm.  We even got to see a cow getting milked.  I felt so sorry for that poor cow. 


I have to say this poor lady has in my opinion one of the worst jobs in the world.  I can't imagine getting on all that gear and then climbing down in a tank to be swarmed by fish...all the while reciting a book's worth of information to a bunch of kids who could care less.  We could barely make out a word she said and yet she went on and on.

The best part of the day was just watching little chick bounce from place to place with all her little friends.  I was a complete afterthought.  Which was fine by me.  She was thriving, and I was thriving just watching her.

We also celebrated with big chick at her 5th grade graduation.  Is that new or something?  We didn't have 5th grade graduation back in my day.  But I think it's a good idea.  Talk about a major transitioning coming.  I can almost feel the change in my Big Chick.  She's giddy about a BOY!   She's concerned about a tiny little pimple on her chin.  Twenty t-shirts in her closet just doesn't seem like enough!  WHAT??  I swear over night she became different.  She's still my sweet sweet girl, but there's definitely something different going on.

We went to the doctor yesterday for physicals and he kept giving me hard stares from across the room.  She was in there and I had this feeling he had so much he wanted to tell me but couldn't.  His daughter is going into the 8th grade and I just knew his stares meant WATCH OUT.  He kept saying it happens over night, it happens over night.  Like a scary warning from a horror movie!

Those shimmers in the last picture are bubbles from the graduation ceremony, and as they were glittering in the late afternoon sky I couldn't help but think of my little family and our new journey.  Those bubbles represent our hopes and dreams.  For us they are all squeaky clean, shiny and new.  With every slight breeze they are being carried up up and away.  Although there is this ending coming here the possibilities for there seem endless.  I feel myself getting slightly carried away too:)  

Have a blessed day.

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