Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It's all good.

This visit home seemed a little different.  For some reason I was keenly aware of time marching on. Life seemed slow...very slow.  Not sure if it always was or if I've just been going at some supersonic pace that made the rest of the world look like it was sitting perfectly still.

One day we went to the mall.  Proof that they've grown ALOT.  Changed.  In the past I've spent hours visiting with friends at this exact play place.  Watching my littles toddle around.  Now they are not allowed.  Too did that happen?

My niece Annette had a baby.  Alyssa is her name.  Isn't she a doll?

She's walking at 9 months.  

So weird to see a little one moving around like that.  Mine were 14 months before they started.

Got my baby love in. 

Felt a lump in my throat watching the girls play with their cousins.  When will this love of playing Barbie change?  I know it's's only a matter of time.  I try not to worry about stuff like that, but seriously sometimes it freaks me out. It's their favorite thing in the world to do at this moment...

When you live away from family you miss so much.  Sometimes Honey and I talk about feelings of guilt that the girls have missed out on family time.  I want them to know their Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, remember them always.  It hurts to hear of a game, birthday, holiday that we've missed out on.  I have to just trust that the effort we make a couple of times a year is enough.


Even a stop at one of my favorite restaurants Cracker Barrel makes me pause and take it in.  The smell of the fresh biscuits and the woodsy aroma of the roaring fire.  It's pure comfort.  It almost forces you take a slow breath in. 

This sounds bad...I know it's not,  but my girls don't seem to need me as much.  They are so independent.  So mature. 

My dad's clean plate.  It ALWAYS looks like that when he finishes eating. 

My bubba.  Oh how I love my big brother. 

These are some of my people.  My big brother Jim's kids.  Jordan on the right is a Senior in College, Jake next to her is a Freshman in H.S. and then Caleb is a Senior in H. S.  I was there when each one was born.  Now they are all tall oaks next to me. 

Big Chick next to mom.  How is that possible?  Momma is short...but wow!  Look at BC's face.  She's like holy I really almost as tall as Grandma?

Mom making dinner for us.  Her hands:)

I know I'm sentimental to a fault.  If I could bottle up every memory and label it and keep it forever on a shelf I would.  I'm just wired that way.  I love my life...the people in it.  I think that's why I love blogging.  It allows me to stay present, to capture every day moments.  It makes me focus.  That's a good thing, but with the appreciation of all things past I have to remind myself that the future is good too.  Change comes.  There's no stopping it.  It's all good.

Have a blessed day.

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