Sunday, April 3, 2011

At home with Flower Patch Farmgirl

I feel like I've been gone a month.  It was soooo good to get run home to my roots with my girls in tow for a week of refreshment and recharge.  But honestly this part of my trip is what I looked forward to the most all week long.  I made a friend a few years ago when I started this crazy blogging hobby and just fell in love with Miss Shannan Martin from Flower Patch Farmgirl.  Her writing won me over immediately, but it was her fun take on life and the way she loved on her kids that had me at hello.  I just KNEW that someday our paths would cross. 

Well with a little 5 hour detour and a few butterflies...I made my way across miles and miles of farm country and found myself pulling into her driveway.  I was giddy and nervous and excited to say the least.  I mean this is bucket list stuff we're talking about.  It's surreal meeting someone you've read about for 2 years. 

I got to watch her parent with that calm patient demeanor I just knew she would have.

I got to see her cook for me.  How crazy is that?  I HAD HER SALSA!  A lot of her salsa:)

We stepped into the Martin home and became a part of the family.  It was beyond wonderful.  I fell in complete love with her precious children and sweet Honey.

The beauty of her farm.

It was just as exciting to meet her brood as it was her.  They are like little celebrities:)  Each with their very own big personalities!!  Our kids played so well together...thank heavens:)  We fell in love with Calvin and his "big man" talk, joining in on our adult conversation.  And then Silas...oh my goodness!  He's a doll baby with those lashes that go on forever.  You just want to squeeze him.  And of course the spirited feisty Ruby in all her glory.  They were everything I envisioned and more:)

Cory bravely took on the kiddos and let us hit the town one night.  We went to a fun little shop and then to her favorite Mexican restaurant.  Brooke from Beachy Keen Girl is Shannan's close friend.  I've been reading her blog it was a mega treat being able to meet her too. What a sweet heart!

She lives in Amish country.  You know I was loving that!  Charming little black buggies and farms galore.  It was absolutely beautiful.  Tons of little cemeteries and churches.  It was a step back in time.

She let me take as many pictures of her house that I wanted...yay!  I knew you'd want that sneak peek:) 

Her favorite colors are blue and green.  Various shades define the soothing shabby sweet space of her home.  I loved her eclectic flea market style.  Nothing matchy matchy, but cohesive and comfortable.

Where the blogging magic happens:)

Loved those little farm paintings.

She has a thing for maps, and letters and numbers.  Love that!

I'm soooo glad I just up and did something a little crazy and made that extra effort to meet her.  So so grateful that God somehow drew me to her blog two years ago.  It really is amazing how friendships can forge over the miles and without that face to face connection.  I'm pretty sure we will be life long or not.  My sweet Indiana friend holds a key to my heart.

Have a blessed day.

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