Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Thrive Project: Simplicity

Good Morning friends.  And I call you that because you ARE.  Each and every one of you!  Oh how I wish I could meet you all and give ya a big ol' hug!  Thank you so much for loving on me.  I so appreciate all the encouragement about my show and the "you can do it" cheers!  You just blessed my socks off.  I will do it!  I promise.

Okay so back to my Tuesday Thrive Project.  This week in class we spent HOURS looking at pictures about simplicity.  You'd think after looking at them and questioning each one I'd be clear on what's simple or complicated.  For some reason though I left the classroom confused.  So I went home and researched it online and discovered that it's all about setting up the shot with minimal background distraction.  You can do this a number of ways.  You can shoot something all by itself.  Black and white seems to make it more simple.  Cropping in the picture gets rid of background distraction and then just paying attention to position in the shot.  Is it busy or simple?  Try different angles.  Does your shot tell a story?  Are you confused or distracted by what's going on or does it speak for itself?

This weekend was Big Chick's birthday party.  Today is her actual eleventh b-day.  Can't believe my baby is 11!  HOLY COW.  Anyway since we had her party that was my chance for taking pictures this week.  It's been hard making time for my homework with all the other stuff going on.  Taking pictures at a roller skating rink is probably not the best place to find simplicity.  There's a lot going on...flashing lights, horrible lighting conditions...lots of people whizzing by.  So don't expect too much from these okay;)

This shot is pretty self explanatory.  It tells a story.  We are getting ready to sing and blow out candles.  I wish that girl with the white t-shirt wasn't standing behind her, that's the only distraction...oh and the aperture is off.  I wanted her face to be in focus and I couldn't remember how to do that.  Bummer!

Even though people are whizzing by on skates I think it's pretty simple and tells a story.  The skaters actually help tell the story.  The girls are even off center which follows the Rule of Thirds. 

This is probably an example of one that is not simple.  That little kid in the background wiping out, draws my eye and so do the bright overhead lights.  I know this is nit picky, but I guess this exercise helps us learn how to set up a shot better.  In real life situations, especially at a roller skating party, simplicity isn't always possible. 

I like this picture because, well I just do.  Not sure if it falls in the simple category or not, but I don't really out "edgy Becky's" showing her colors...ha!

This one's pretty simple, except for the stuff in our entertainment center distracting me slightly.  If I was taking the shot I probably would have noticed it and closed the doors.  Little Chick took it, thus the slight blur, but not too bad considering:)  Maybe if I cropped it in a bit, cutting off the top of my head, it would have been better.  I don't know which is worse, a cut off head or clutter behind your head.  **For some extra simplicity explanation visit my friend and classmate Suzanne.  I'm sure her pictures turned out fabulous!

Farmgirl Paints

Okay so this has turned into a "what not to do" lesson.  Which is a good learning tool too.  So I'm excited to see what YOU come up with.  Show me simplicity.  Remember to crop in, tell a story, use interesting angles, and keep distraction to a minimum.  Grab my button and share please!!  I'll pick two winners each week.  Those two winners will be added to the pot and I'll pick the two final all -time favorite photos for the grand leather cuff prize:)


Now for this week's winners:
Thanks everyone for participating. It was really hard to decide. You were ALL great.

LOVED this picture.  See how the line of the fence draws your eye right to the woman.  So pretty.

The Amazing and Incredible Invisible Blog

 Loved this shot too.  Great horizontal lines with the girl in mid-step.  You can just feel her movement.

Have a blessed day.

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