Friday, January 7, 2011

down and dirty

Over Christmas break I got down and dirty.  My Big Chick was in need of a little room redo and I had the perfect solution.

Remember Tara from Blondie 'N' SC (miss you girl)??  Well several months back I purchased bedding from her.  It was beautiful...pinks, browns and turquoise.  I loved it.  I immediately thought of my girl.  Several years back I painted a big mural on her wall and I was getting really sick of it.  That's the problem with a mural on a main wall it can get old.  Anyway I decided to give her a room make-over as a Christmas gift.  Greatest idea evah!

Tara mailed me the bedding and then later told me it was going to be featured in Romantic Country Magazine.  Seriously if you haven't gotten your copy you should.  Her beautiful cottagey home is one of the main feature articles.  I was just so beyond proud of her.  That girl has such incredible style.  I love every nook and cranny of her home.

So here's the before.  I didn't do a very good job photographing it.  It had pink upper walls and a mint green bottom half.  Her bedding was those colors too.  As my roller went up and down over those childlike colors a sad realization washed over me.  I see her growing up so much...that little girl sitting on the horse was like the last of the little little girl stuff.  At night I sometimes lay in bed and freak out a little over what's to come.  You realize next year is junior high.  OH MY GOODNESS!

Okay so we went dark.  It wasn't the original plan, but we all love it.  Just look at the surprised look on her face.  I thought it might be too much, but surprisingly it wasn't.  It totally warmed up the space and created such a cozy bedroom for her.  It actually made me hungry as I was painting the room.  It looked just like melted milk chocolate.  Don't ask the color, because we color matched it with her bedding.  Isn't modern technology amazing?

So glad that's done.  Mission accomplished!  I've been a crazy person lately.  Projects galore.  Does anyone else feel slightly there isn't enough time in the day??  I personally could use an extra 4-5 hours!  I've never been very good at the balance thing.  Any ideas on how to maintain some sanity?

Have a blessed day.

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