Saturday, November 27, 2010

Home & three winners:)

Hi girlies...hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We just got in from our trip back home.  I was majorly homesick.  I hadn't set foot on Illinois soil since March and the ache for all things familiar was starting to get to me. 

I thought I'd take you home with me.  This is the road leading to my folks house.  It's about now that I start getting excited.  The bumps and dips in the road so close to my heart. 

The sweet family of horses that we pass.  The cute little pony that never gets bigger.  These are our friends.  We ooh and ahh every time we drive by.

Morning on the prairie.  The beautiful sun breaking the dawn.  Pure magic:)

Then the unpredictable weather that I remember so well.  Every morning was different.  We had fog, wind, rain, 70 degree weather.  It's a crap shoot.  Makes for a pretty picture though.

The fence my dad built.  Every member of my family is an artist somehow.  My dad welded for years and years.  He can bend and build just about anything with metal.  My momma makes beautiful church banners.  Her medium is fabric. 

And finally my home.  The place that will always mean the world to me.  It was here that I had my first kiss, where my Honey got on one knee and proposed...where I spent nights dreaming about my future and reliving my school days.

used to spend countless hours on this porch singing and playing with my dolls.  Always alone.  My brothers were a lot older than me, so I learned to entertain myself well.  We didn't have heat upstairs so on winter mornings I would wake with frosty snowy window sills and visible breath.  It's those memories that shape me.  It's so good to revisit that place...remember those days.  I simply love coming home.

Have a blessed day.

*****It was so fun reading through all the things that made you HAPPY.  What a great idea that was...ha;)  I was constantly checking my Blackberry updating the comments.  I hope you had a chance to read some of them too.  Is there anything better than a grateful heart!******

Now for the winners...

Congratulations ladies:)

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