Friday, October 8, 2010

And they're gone!

My folks just left.  As much as I was still hurts.  Physically painfully...deep in the gut hurts.  So I'm going to keep busy today.  I gave the dog a bath.  Going to the gym later...clean.  Distraction is good.

Oh and thanks for the prayers for my eye.  Much better today.  Still hurts a bit, but it's looking better.

As I went through all the pictures of this week, it really became clear to me that I keep this blog entirely for ME.  I have no idea why in the world anyone else would really bother to read about my every day life.  I don't take fancy pictures.  There is no novel being birthed here.  It's just me, me, me and those that matter to me.  So if you are reading along thank you for all the kind comments about my parents and for taking the time to check in with my life.  It really does make me so happy.  Now back to ME...HA!!!!

Remember how I told you we took my dad everywhere.  Seriously we shopped and browsed and painted our way through every little town in Minnesota this week.  It was intense.  And my dad came along and enjoyed the journey with us.  So on our last day together I found a store that he loved and mom and I waited and waited and shopped and wished we had an endless supply of money.


We went to Gander Mountain.  It's a huge outdoor sporting good store...think fishing lures, camping supplies, guns etc...  He was in heaven.  Unfortunately everything in there costs a small fortune, so most of the time it was just dreaming of this or that, but we had fun anyway.  So here is my wish list.  Super lightweight Marmot jacket...price tag $165.00...holy cow!

Really cute boy hat.  Have I ever told you I have a THING for hats??  I can't believe I walked out without this one.  Isn't it cute??

Merrill super warm slide on shoes.  LOVE them..but said no!  I had to be good.  Seriously we shopped everyday.  That can get expensive.

Isn't she a hoot?  Love my momma!

And all our other little trips this week.  We picked out pumpkins and mums, hit every antique store possible...ate out at all our favorite spots.  It was a good week. 

We ended this morning with our family tradition.  We supped at the Lord's table and gave thanks for all He's done for us.   It's one of my very favorite memories that we share.   Thought I'd share it with you.  Hope you all have a great weekend.  It's going to be a beautiful one here:)

Have a blessed day.

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