Friday, September 17, 2010 are invited:)

Hi girlies...I'm throwing a virtual baby shower for one of my very favorite bloggers today.  Her name is Dawn and she writes the cutest blog called Spontaneous Clapping.  Isn't she a doll??!!  She's due to have her very first baby in October and me and few others...

 thought it would be nice to surprise her with her very own shower.  Isn't that the best idea EVAH!!!

If I could be with Dawn in person and design and create her shower it would look like this.  I love anything backyardish.  We'd have twinkle lights around trees and...

tables with lots of food.  Dawn's a foodie.  It would have to be all her meat pie from New Zealand and chocolate covered bacon from the fair...squid or octopus.  HA!  Seriously this girl will try anything.  We'd have to have some unique things.

I'd have a picture line with photos of her and her sweet hubby from when they were little.

Maybe we'd have a cute little theme.  She's having a boy and she lovingly refers to him as maybe a circus theme or elephants:)  I thought the Curious George theme was cute.

I'd do the tables with vintage tableclothes and little personalized flower pots.  Kind of girlie, but that's what I know:)   How cute would that be???  All of you would be invited of course;)

And each guest would bring their favorite children's book to stock her little one's library.  Those are some of my favorite memories for sure.  Reading to my first born...hours spent cuddled together...bonding.  Oh how I miss those special moments.


These are two of my all time favorite children's books!!  What are yours??

I'd also paint her something for a little boy.  She likes bikes...her baby's nickname is peanut.  I'm not used to boys so it will probably turn out a little ugly.  But maybe it will work;)

We'd have fun cupcakes.  LOTS of cupcakes!!! 

We'd play goofy games and tell stories and share advice. So what better way to give Dawn a real shower than to do just THAT.  If you have some sweet words to encourage her...any advice to pass on or fun stories to share please do.  I know for me that was always my favorite part of any shower anyway:) 

My advice is to not sweat the small stuff.  The baby will adapt to you and your lifestyle.  You don't have to be like so and so.  It's your family and you will be equipt to handle whatever comes along.  Also don't worry about crying.  I remember with Big Chick stressing out trying EVERYTHING to get her to stop crying.  But sometimes they just have to cry.  My doctor told  me once...that babies can't die from crying.  Whew!  As long as you have met their needs and they are safe, crying won't hurt them at all:)  For a new mom those were comforting words.

I am so beyond excited for you Dawn, as you get ready for this next part of your life.  You will make such a great mom.  Can't wait to read all about your new adventures.  Great thing is I'll have a front row seat.   Your little peanut will be real to me...just like you are:)  Love ya!

Have a blessed day.

All photos courtesy Martha Stewart and The sweetest occasion.
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