Friday, September 24, 2010

Mirror Mate Make-over

We bought our current home as a spec house.  So it was new, but we didn't get to pick out anything.  Everything was pretty generic...the lighting, faucets etc... Over the past six years we have gradually made it our own. 

I've always had a wish list for framed mirrors in the bathrooms.  I think it just gives it such a nice finished look.  Unfortunately neither of us is handy with wood and the idea of cutting and fitting pieces together seemed a little daunting.  So we went another way.  Have you ever heard of Mirror Mate??  They are a fabulous company that only specializes in framing mirrors.  We measured both our girls bathroom and our master and then a few weeks later...voila.  It comes in the mail all ready to assemble and install.

You just lay out the pieces and glue them together.  There is a really strong adhesive on the back that sticks to the mirror.  So all you have to do is line the frame up on the mirror (with guides that they send) and press on.  Super easy and it looks wonderful!  They have several different styles and colors to choose from.  So you get to pick out just what you want.  I love that:)

LOVE IT!  The first frame they sent us was a little warped and wouldn't lay flush with the mirror, so they sent us a replacement free.  We got to keep the first frame.  I have THE coolest idea for using it.  Can't wait to share that little project with you.

I can't tell you how much I think it improved the bath rooms.  They both have a much more custom look now.   **Oh and little tip.  If you do go to their the top of the page click on buzz.  There are some bloggers who wrote reviews for them.  If you mention them in the code box you get a discount...score!

Even Fergie was impressed!  Can't ya tell:)

Have a blessed day.

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