Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I'm stretching and growing.  It's my time to bloom right??  So of course when the chance to meet a friend in her downtown home presented itself I said sure why not.  I'm brave.  I can do this.  Maybe if I was paying attention to my directions and not taking pictures of myself while driving I would have made it.  But that wasn't the case.  Instead I made a wrong turn somewhere and broke out into a cold sweat.  It's just the worst being lost...blind.  Sweet Heidi had to come find me with her GPS and take me back to her home.  Wasn't that nice? 

I had another reason to go downtown.  That's where my Honey is.  He's been extra sweet lately.  A woman in his office passed away this week with a long battle of cancer.  He didn't know her personally, but it still shook him up a bit.  Her husband sent out an all office email saying that "today he lost his best friend". 

After that I got the nicest text from him and I knew something had to have happened.  Hearing of loss like that just makes us appreciate each other all the more.  We are best friends.  I am so blessed to have that kind of relationship with him.  He's my gift from God and every day that we have together should be recognized and appreciated.  It's just so easy to take each other for granted.  But honestly I would be lost without him and he needs to know that.

So I made that extra effort and I braved the big bad city and we dined:)  And even though he was a little freaked out worrying about me getting there and back I know I made his day.  Just look at his face.  He's definitely worth it!

Have a blessed day.

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