Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lake high

We are on a little lake high right now.  We finally got out on a boat.  We've lived 6 years in the land of 10,000+ lakes and we have never been on one as a family...until NOW!!

The girls were on cloud nine.  When I told them we were going on a boat and tubing etc...they weren't that excited.  They had nothing to compare it to.

Needless to say their excitement level changed a little when they got out there and felt the water splashing their faces, the wind whipping in their hair.  I was so proud.  I didn't even have to get on the tube with them..whew!!!  They were brave indeed;)

After reading Paige's post on capturing every moment I kind of became a freak about it.  I know I was annoying.  I took oodles of pictures and was just a little obsessed.  I had to take this one of Honey without him he wouldn't roll his eyes at me!

Michelle and I hangin' out.

Okay so I'm obnoxious with the camera...that's a given.  But I don't think Honey has ever touched my camera...until now...when I just happened to be peeing in the lake!  OH NO YOU DIDN'T!!!  You can't see it, but there's a hole in the raft.  It used to be for a cooler...not any more...ha!

Oh I forgive you.  How could I stay mad at him?:)

This is Steve and Michelle our new boat BFF's.  We kept teasing we need to make cabin BFF's.  It seems that everyone in Minnesota has either a boat or a cabin.  It's just a must...I guess.  Except for us.  But we're not from here... so we don't really count;)

One of the best parts of being on Lake Minnetonka is looking at all the gorgeous homes.  It's dreamy.  I can only imagine the sunsets they get to see.  If you close your can almost imagine living there:)

Actually this one was my favorite.  It's on an island.  It wasn't big and grand, but it was perfect.  See that screened in porch?  That's where I would spend every second.

After we docked for dinner we headed back out for some fishing.  My girls had never even held a fishing pole before.  An evening of firsts....I love that:)

They were pretty excited.  Big Chick caught one little sunfish.  But by far tubing was their favorite part of the day.

This was mine. 

Thank you sweet friends for helping us squeeze in one last hurrah before Summer officially ends.

Have a blessed day.

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