Friday, August 27, 2010

I don't buy it!

The other night a few of my friends came over to celebrate Missy's 40th birthday.   As I'm sitting there listening to everyone talk and's dawning on me that we are at a turning point.  It seems that 40 is the beginning of a new chapter.  The 30's are full of family.  We are childrearing and figuring out who we are in our 30's, and then 40 hits and we are more or less THERE.  Our little ones aren't quite so needy, there's more time for friends etc..and we more or less know who we are. 

But I've also noticed a shift with marriages.  Seems that everywhere I look lately couples are throwing in the towel and calling it quits.  My friend Brigetta just shared an article that her friend Laura Munson wrote for the New York Times that shook me to the core.  It's based on her life.  Apparently one day her husband came home and told her he didn't love her anymore and that he was leaving and that the kids would be happy because he would be happy.  In a nutshell she told him she "didn't buy it" and just continued on and more or less ignored his outburst.  It is THE BEST thought provoking article and I really encourage you to read it. 

Obviously every marriage situation is different.  I haven't walked in any of your shoes, so please don't feel I am judging those of you who have been divorced.  But as we enter this next phase of our lives...where marriages seem to dissolve left and right it's good to be prepared and to fight for what I believe is the most important relationship we can have.  Just something to think about.

Have a blessed day.

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