Thursday, August 26, 2010

Blind dating

Today is my 400th post:)  Hard to believe I've been babbling about myself 400 hundred times over!  I will never forget hitting the enter button on that very first one.  Scary putting yourself out there, allowing people to see who you really are...what lies within.    So with that said here is my latest adventure... oh and here's to another 400:)  Thanks for sticking with me.

I'm trying to move outside my comfort zone a bit.  It's so easy to stay in your little cocoon...wrapped up in the familiar with the same friends day after day.  But there's always room for more right??  So when I had the opportunity to meet with some local bloggers I hesitantly jumped at the chance;)

This blogging thing takes on a whole new dimension when you actually meet someone face to face.  It's a little scary taking that next step.  Will they like me?  Will I look the the same???  Are they knife wielding stalkers...HA!  So you can imagine the nerves I felt as I met with Suzanne from Privet and Holly and Heidi from Wonder Woman Wannabe.  We'd exchanged comments for a while, but meeting was like a blind date

With Suzanne we met at the General Store.  One of my favorite haunts.  I wasn't surprised at all to find out she was just as sweet in person as she is with her comments.  So genuine and warm.  She even brought me chocolate!  Seriously is there anything better than that:)  We laughed and shared and had a lovely time.  It was nice chatting with someone about blogging.  None of my real life friends do to find another local gal who did was wonderful.

Then the very next week I got to welcome Heidi to Minnesota.  She just moved here from the south and is getting acclimated.  We met at IKEA...another favorite place of mine.  I brought my chicks this time, so she even got to meet them.  Oh and she learned their real names.  Now tell me that isn't special:)  We had a great time shopping around and of course we had to take in the IKEA restaurant.  Did you know I'm a sucker for their meatballs and mashed potatoes??  She's just a sweetheart.  I hope to connect with both of them again.

It was good for me.  Sometimes moving out of that comfort zone is important.  We need to be stretched a little right?  I love the quote that says something like "do something that you are afraid of everyday".  I'd love to make that a daily habit.  Move towards the scary.  Sad that making a new friend can be scary.  Am I a weirdo or what??

Have a blessed day.

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