Friday, June 25, 2010

My happy place

There is some little chemical reaction that comes over me any time I enter a hardware store.  I am overcome by the smell...all that lumber, paint and chemicals.  Ohhh I love it!  It's just a happy place for me. 

My very first job was at True Value Hardware.  I'll never forget the day I put a dress on and marched in the store and asked for an application.  I think the manager took one look at my cute little dress and hired me on the spot.  He probably thought that anyone who would go to the trouble of dressing up to fill out an application for a hardware store nonetheless...deserved the job;)

I spent hours vacuuming the store, arranging the aisles.  I was THE best #1.  I could count change back like no one's business.  It was a great first job.  I loved it.

Then this hunky guy came along...and when he got a job at the new Wal-Mart in town,  I of course had to follow him there;)  Ah sweet memories...good times!  What was your first job? 

Have a blesssed day.

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