Saturday, June 26, 2010

Everybody was Kung Fu fighting

Have you seen Karate Kid yet?  This weekend we took the girls to see the new version with Will Smith's son Jaden playing the lead.  I wasn't expecting much. I was a HUGE Karate Kid lover as a youngin'. 

Ralph Macchio was soooo dreamy.  I was in his fan club, and even had an autographed head shot:)  The movie also holds special memories because my brother Jim took me.  I was eleven at the time and spending time with my older brother...was just COOL!

{I was so jealous of Elizabeth Shue...lucky girl:)}

I was really surprised at how good the remake was.  I can't believe I'm going to say this...but I think it was actually better than the original!  We were all on the edge of our seats.  The action moves were inventive and the plot was done well.  They incorporated a lot of similarities with the first one, but made it new and fresh.  The movie was filmed in China, so it gave us an interesting peek into the daily life in Beijing. 

I love any movie that plays to adults as well as children and this one fit the bill perfectly.  I would definitely watch it again even without my girls.  And then there's that wonderful feeling of leaving a movie theater on cloud nine...all because the underdog won.  Love that!  Just curious...did you have any movie crushes when you were little??

Have a blessed day.

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