Friday, May 7, 2010

Surfers and Hippie Town USA

It's raining and cold here today...ugh! What better way to spend it than talking about my favorite little hippie town...Paia:)

My Coastal Living magazine told us to visit this lookout right outside of Paia, called Hookipa Point and to say it was the highlight of the day is not an overstatement. I love surfers. Who doesn't right?? Remember the movies Blue Crush and Point Break with Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze?? It was like that...almost:)

Surfers everywhere.

Taking full advantage of the view;)

In the afternoon when the trade winds picked up it switched over to para sailing and kite surfing. Seriously do these people have a death wish?? There is some major bravado that goes along with anything in the ocean. It's a scary place. There are big critters out there and deep deep places....I shudder just thinking about it! But isn't it beautiful? I can kind of see why they do it.

Later we stopped by the famous Mama's Fish House. Everyone told us to go there...except the concierge of our hotel. And what does she know right??

It had lots of photo opportunities.

Beautiful...jaw dropping views.

But the prices were a little high! We knew that going in and ate something first. Isn't that crazy?! But I had to see what all the fuss was about.

This is part of the lunch menu. Everything is so fresh that they actually tell you who caught it and where:) We got the macadamia nut crab cakes.

It was recommended in my trusted magazine of course:) It was expensive at $20.00...but oh so good, and I do believe that was caviar on top. I tried it...Honey passed:) So we got a couple of appetizers and a kid's meal and faired pretty well. I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Crossed that must-do off our list.

Next we hit the Uno Gelato place in Paia, because we were still a little hungry;) I'd read somewhere that gelato is the healthiest dessert out there. Not sure about that, but it was really really good. The lady at the counter said they make it with milk instead of cream. So that's almost healthy right??

I got the Kona coffee gelato with macadamia nuts of course. I ate them every chance I could get:)

Then we just explored the town. It had a lot of really cute shops and art galleries. It was a nice contrast to all the touristy shops in Lahaina. They had some more unique things.

This turned out a little blurry...bummer. I loved this painting. It had raised up clear areas that looked like water bubbles on it. Orange is one of my favorite colors too. Very interesting and unique:)

This mermaid was beautiful too. But her price tag was just a tad steep...


We saw lots of interesting people...long hippie dresses, dreadlocks, guitars and backpacks strapped to their backs. I love to people watch. This picture really isn't of Honey... I was trying to be subtle and take some people pics.

Got this fun necklace in one of the stores. And surprisingly it didn't cost very much at all...score! It was colorful and a little beachy all in one:)

This bathroom door was all chippy and worn. Perfect backdrop for my imitation of a hippie love child. I'd fit in with the locals of Paia...right?? Oh just lie:)

Have a blessed day.

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