Friday, April 23, 2010

Tara's coastal cottage

Well hello there Becky’s lovely readers.

Becky asked me to pop on over here and write a silly guest post while she is sun tanning in Hawaii. I asked her instead if she could fit me in her pocket and take me with her, but alas she said no with a giggle, and so I am here keeping her readers entertained while she is away.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Tara aka blondie’n’sc {she smiles and gives a little wave} I live on a completely different coast then Becky but because of our blogs we have been able to connect and build a friendship.

One thing Becky and I have in common is a love of color, family and home! In a blog world that seems to be going neutral, Becky and I have maintained a love affair with color!!

So she asked me to show snippets of my house…ekk…really I thought!
But because I love her so much I obliged and so without further A-do…

Welcome to my little cottage on the coast!

Oh and don’t mind the kitty, he’s friendly and loves to be my model…

My little house is a hodge podge of styles, from farmhouse to vintage to eclectic.
Or maybe it is just a mess, I am not really sure!

I adore treasures from the past.

And love to add a bit ‘o whimsy here and there.

I recently became a collector or a hoarder if you ask my love, the pool man.
There are collections of things I love all over my nest.
From vintage suitcases, to old clocks to white mixed dish sets….

I am lucky enough to live with a man that doesn’t care what I do to the house as long as he can have his toys in the garage.

And I am happy as long as those toys stay in the garage!

I do have one rug rat…my punk, that litters the house with color as well…as in Tonka trucks and motorcycles.

Together we live in a place we are proud to call home.

We spend a lot of time in our nest….

It is the center of our family….

Where dinners are cooked or ordered in…

Where our baby has learned to walk and learned to talk…

Where the pool man and I fell in love…

And where we spend each night together loving on one another.

As the saying goes…

“There is no place like home…. A colorful home that is!”

Ok, ok you got me I may have added the last bit…

Blessing from my little family to yours!


P.S. Hang in there Becky will be back soon!!

Written by my sweet friend Tara. Isn't her house a-maz-ing??!!! Seriously it is so dreamy it makes me want to cry. Thank you girl for filling in:)

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Have a blessed day.

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