Saturday, April 10, 2010

The greasy spoon

One of the real reasons I wanted to go into the city the other day was to take the girls to Mickey's Diner. It's a landmark in downtown St. Paul and I just wanted them to experience a greasy spoon first hand:)

we trudged through 5 blocks of spitting rain and cold (me without a jacket) to get a front row seat to this! Sizzling bacon and deep fried hashbrowns cooked right in front of us. My Chicks weren't that impressed!

could tell by their faces that they were like..."What's so great about this place? Why did we need to walk 5 blocks in the rain for this?" But truth be told it was more for me;) I walked 5 blocks in the rain for this...

it on temporary insanity, but I thought a chocolate milkshake sounded divine. Now you need to understand why it sounded sooooo good. Honey and I have been eating super clean since January. Except for the extremely rare occasion, there have been no sweets, fried foods etc...

We've had a goal...TO LOOK GOOD NAKED, well at least as good as possible without plastic surgery. And it's been working:) We've both lost 15 pounds and I'm extremely proud of our new habits. It's been good for all of us.

as I was sitting at the greasy spoon I felt a smidgen guilty. I had them split our shake three ways. The milk shaker guy was so nice that gave us extra...wasn't that special?:) The whole time I'm thinkin'...Honey is gonna be mad at me. I'm cheatin' and he's NOT!

So while I'm trying to enjoy my milk shake I'm watching the cooker guy fix food right in front of us. He's cooking cheeseburgers right next to pancakes. It was kinda gross...but it's been so long since I've had a pancake or a cheeseburger for that matter that I casually say, "Oh that looks so good!" Maybe a wink or two was involved...I don't recall;)

thing you know he plopped down this incredibly large, greasy BLUEBERRY PANCAKE right in front of me....for FREE! On the inside, I was like oh my gosh I'm gonna have to eat this because he's "blessing" me. I can't NOT eat it. But Honey's gonna kill me! On the outside, I was saying..."Oh thank you Mr. Cooker man you are so sweet. My girls are gonna love this!"

We split the pancake three ways... I had to gently "make" the girls eat it. Be the free food:) I thought it was sooo good. Very little carbs for months on end will make cardboard taste good;)

Oh and Honey wasn't mad. He was a little...ahhhh how do I say this?? Self righteous;) He kindly gloated that he hasn't cheated in ____ days. So good for him...whatever! But I personally believe that a cheat day is important every now and then...don't cha think? Do you have any greasy spoons that you enjoy?

Have a blessed day.

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