Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What should have been fun...

My Honey is a drummer. It's just his God given gift. He's really good. Ten years ago he sold his set...his dream set, and with that sell so went his gift...for a bit. But all of a sudden after a 10 year lull he has the bug. It's bitten him hard and he can't wait to get his hands on another pair of drumsticks.

last night we packed up the girls right after school and headed out to kind of an iffy part of Minneapolis. We suburbanites definitely felt a little out of place in this neighborhood.

When we entered the music store the smell of smoke about knocked me over. I have asthma, and so the air was really getting to me after a bit. My throat was burning. I had a horrible headache. I felt dizzy. Weird!

He found a set he really really liked, but the guy helping us was shifty. Nothing had prices on it and I felt like I was at a used car lot. He kept asking us what we wanted to spend and then he would disappear and "appear" to be tallying things up for us, but wouldn't get us anywhere near the price we wanted. It was really frustrating. After what seemed like hours and no progress we decided to go eat and think about it.

my husband this was like his dream moment. He was getting something he wanted really bad and the pull between want and need was in question. For me it was a chance to see him happy. He NEEDS these drums as an outlet...a happy place. As much as I fought it at first... it takes up a lot of room, invades my peace and quiet etc... I know he needs to use his gift.

ended up leaving empty handed. We were tired, grouchy and just frustrated. Not a good time to make a big purchase decision. I know he will find them soon. It's like a vision quest:) God has the perfect set just waiting for him somewhere out there!

Do you have any gifts or talents that have been put on a shelf for a season??

Have a blessed day.

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