Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Protect this House

Honey and I were browsing through an Under Armour store recently and noticed their tagline, "Protect this House". It struck a chord with both of us because it has so many different connotations. You can protect your physical "house" by eating right and exercising. You can protect your earthly possessions and the people you love etc... It's just a great line, kind of like "Just Do It".

church yesterday I thought of that phrase again. Our pastor's message was titled "Pray Hard and Protect Well". He talked about when we are faced with opposition our typical response is to have fear, fight or to retreat...not to pray.

However praying about something does not release us from taking responsibility either.

For instance, if we are struggling in our marriage we should PRAY and seek Godly counsel. If we have lost a job we should PRAY and get a resume together. If we are having weight issues we should PRAY, eat less and exercise more etc...

so easy to just say you are going to pray about it. But practically speaking we need to pray, give it to God and move toward a solution. How else are we to protect this house...our lives, our livelihoods, our future. God will give you wisdom to know how to come against any opposition you face. Give it to Him and pray for the next step...

Nehemiah 4:14
I looked them over and rose up and said to the nobles and officials and the other people, Do not be afraid of the enemy; [earnestly] remember the Lord and imprint Him [on your minds], great and terrible, and [take from Him courage to] fight for your brethren, your sons, your daughters, your wives, and your homes.

At the end of the sermon he called on the people who were struggling with opposition to come forward. The aisles filled and the entire altar area was overflowing. It brought tears to my eyes to see all those men and women on their knees praying for wisdom from the Lord. Thank you Lord that we can take anything to you in prayer and that you will give us the fight to protect our homes.

Have a blessed day.

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