Sunday, March 14, 2010


been known to buy myself cards. I LOVE cards. They inspire me, crack me up and just speak to me. When I saw this one I knew it was for me.

I grew up with a mean rooster. His name was Tom and every time we walked out of the house we had to carry a broom. This was for we could get to the car or wherever without him attacking us with his scary talon things. My dad kicked him once (in self defense) and it blinded him in one eye. So after that fiasco he got even meaner, if that was possible. Until one day someone ran over him in the driveway. Shocker...anyway that is my twisted childhood pet story:)

is the inside of the card. Isn't that hilarious??! I'm not much of a morning person...or a late night person for that matter. Just ask Jeanne and Lissa:) Anyway unfortunately my Chicks are. So every morning when I wake up they are all over me; pecking me with questions, singing, talk, talking!! Now don't get me wrong they are just precious, but I need it quiet first thing.

would think that I'd hate roosters after my childhood experience with one, but on the contrary I find them adorable. I have several scattered around my house.

This one is from Tracy Porter designs. LOVE her! It's pulling our Christmas cards:)

had this wall hanging for years. Can you tell I love farmy stuff?? It hangs right outside the Chicks' rooms.

I bought this tray at an antique store a while ago.

Finally to round out my rooster collection, Tara sent me my very own flock recently:) Isn't that funky and fun?? Reminds me of Tom;)

Do you have any fun collections

Have a blessed day.

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