Monday, February 15, 2010

Kiss and tell

I'd like to say that Valentine's day at our house was just sweet cards, roses and I love you sentiments. Instead I got mad (I blame hormones) and yelled at my Honey at church, in the hallway, and then when we got to the car he scolded me LOUDLY. It was lovely really. Just some good old-fashioned...what NOT to do AT church On Valentine's day fun!

Truth is we don't argue much, so it was really out of character for us. After it was over and we were driving somewhere to eat...the atmosphere in the car was heavy and ackward so, Honey pulled off the road and just sat and stared at me. I eventually started laughing and then apologized. He did too...with the Chicks piping in from the backseat telling us to kiss and say I love you:) I found it ironic that just a few hours before I was telling them to hug and say I love you.

Anyway after all that we were hungry and our car ended up at Subway, which it has been a lot in the last few weeks. We've been really watching our diet and staying away from bread and sugar etc... But I wanted to make a memory and Subway just wasn't going to cut it, so we headed to a new restaurant in town and downed burgers, fries, onion rings and yummy Oreo malts. After weeks of being "good" it definitely hit the spot.

made a memory and ate until we thought we'd be sick, but more importantly we kissed and made up:) I think Valentine's day is a perfect opportunity to do just that! So what did you do???

Have a blessed day.

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